The Tushie Touch that Matters

    The Tushie Touch that Matters

    An unusual style of vibrator is listed in the catalog that spurs some raised eyebrows and inquiries about the efficiency of an appendage that is used for “anal tickling”. Not a term that makes most women have the urge to splurge but I was given the chance to try this vibrator out and was ridiculously impressed and am happy to promote this one with lavish warmth to every lady – even if you’re not keen on anal toys (which by the way, I am not) the experience this appendage gives actually heightens everything. I know that in the world of sex toys, “heightened” is a term grossly over-used but it applies fully to this vibrator.


    Making A Vibrator Special

    Looking similar to any clitoral vibrator the motor in the clit stim is strong, the little tip flickers directly on the clitoris and the entire main shaft can bend and stay where you put it, the white coil in the center is very stiff so it stays however it’s important to note the clear jelly is phthalates free, newly redesigned to be safer with a PVC based soft rubber and not the old style smelly-jelly.

    Two motors exist just like any other popular clitoral vibrator but the real feature is the long anal tickler on the back side. I call it a tickler because that’s exactly what it is – perhaps an impossible feat to insert it into the anus, being super floppy and will prove useful only laying in between your butt cheeks when you insert the shaft into the vagina. Again not the most appealing image in the mind however the image does not matter – it’s the feeling that does.


    How it Stacks Up

    Wow does this ever deliver, one of the strongest female sex toys out there although it only uses 3 batteries I would compare the power easily to a 4 battery unit as somehow it seem to harness the power without any loss, delivering it strongly to the motors which exude all the pleasure a lady needs. The anal tickler does not vibrate, it sits in between the cheeks and tingles from the waves of vibration that come from the motors. It’s not a creepy feeling at all and the light tingle makes the whole bottom half of the body feel better with a certain unique sexual feel that I have never found with any other sex toy to date. Looking for only one vibrator to splurge on in 2012? Please, please make it the Triple Flex, you won’t be sorry, I promise!


    Exploring the Idea of the Touchie Touch

    In addition to a lavish orgasm. I also reached another conclusion – the light touch in the tushie matters. The most subtle of experiences yet carries a large impact on sexual enjoyment, I furthered my quest by seeking out other similar products and the anal toys category has a few more, The Mini beginner Anal Toy is a vibrating device similar to the backside of the Triple Flex and I requested a test run of this – I held it between the cheeks perpendicular to the anus and twisted the bottom – it is much more influential then the Triple Flex to no surprise as it offers direct vibration.

    Being a more solid stick, easier to apply pressure which, as imagined, increases the tingling back there and the force of the pleasure up there. The only downside is I have to hold it continuously unless I lay on my bed to use a different style vibrator and sit on the anal toy, again not a pretty sight but totally functional. Would I ever do this? Perhaps however the Triple Flex allows me to enjoy the tushie touch hands-free.


    Notice the similarities?


    The New Style of Pleasure Discovered

    I love it how a subtle back door touch enhances the entire body’s sensation. It’s neat to see such a simple thing give more pleasure then ever. It makes me wonder this style of sexual stimulation is not more popular, all I ever see is “stick it in” style butt plugs and anal plus butt it seems there is such a larger realm of anal sex toys that don’t need to be inside, outside is just as effective. As I discovered more styles online I will bring them home for a personal trial and I’ll report back the errors and the successes. Until next time!


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