Top 5 Sex Toys When You’re Bored with Sex

Even the greatest sex life succumbs to the Groundhog effect at some point in time. Just like in a career and everyday routine life, a person reaches their peak and after time the repetitive nature causes the excitement to fizzle. Being stuck in a slump is also a common complaint in a couple’s sex life. The online adult shop is your sex-life savior in this case and with the right guidance, a few products can be added to the repetoire to transform lovemaking into a stupendously insane adventure, or a more romantic depending on personal preference. For a couple looking to better the joy of sex, the following advice will assure falling in love with exploring the realm of sexual intimacy once again.



1.) Take a peek in the back door.

Further devided into 2 categories – first is the “stick in and leave” type of anal toy and secondly is the “foreplay” type of anal toy. Which degree suits an individual best depends on how adventurous they are. A stick in and leave is always better for the first timer. For 2 suggestions based on the above category descriptions, The Bender is really good for foreplay, and the Slim Red Plug is perfect for trying it for the first time. Please note however the slimmer design may not be able to stay in and sometimes a helping palm-of-the-hand is required to hold it in – some find it too cumbersome having to baby-sit the butt plug but at least it offers an indication if anal toys are enjoyed in the first place before investing money in a larger selection and higher end toys.


2.) Use Ben Wa balls during intercourse.

Normally used for pelvic floor exercises for women however did you know the original purpose was for added sexual pleasure? That’s right, from the Orient comes these weighted balls that are inserted into the vagina. The man will notice the stroking of the metallic spheres as he thrusts in and out and women enjoy the feeling of the balls rolling about rubbing the sensitive walls inside the vagina. It’s a sure fire way to enhance  pleasure but it’s important to use large unattached balls to avoid pinching or discomfort. The best recommendation is the Large Ben Wa balls which are noticeable without being to big for pleasure. To address some concerns right away – no, it’s not possible for them to “get lost” in the vagina as they will never be able to pass through the cervix and thanks to the help of gravity, you’ll always be able to pluck them out after use.


3.) Non-traditional bondage.

Suggesting handcuffs is so 1990′s. It’s been over done and there’s not have cuffs in your bedside table that simply indicates it’s not of interest. Everyone seems to have tried this by now. There are a few other interesting bondage ties that and slings that help ease your limbs when trying new positions or cuffs that hold the body in an upright standing position. For the couple who does not even look in the bondage category anymore thinking it’s only random colors of furry handcuffs, here’s saving some time and showing the best unconventional bondage supplies you should buy. The door cuffs and the doggie style sex sling are all the bondage accessories needed this year.


4.) Strap on sex.

Often the last frontier of sex play and quite frequently the first thing the couples will say when they’re done the heavy breathing post-orgasm is “why did we wait so long to try that?” There’s several variations from the unisex harness which is most recommended – you’ll never know when time comes to try gender bender. For some it’s a little too kinky and others will enjoy dabbling in this freakish type of sex. If  not something of interest, other harnesses have some big attachment for big fetish sizes for women and others vibrate and of course the DP harness is a kinky alternative gaining popularity when a couple likes to play very naughty.


5.) Get out of the bedroom.

All sex toys aside, a guaranteed way to make sex more fun is to get out of the bedroom. Have sex on the kitchen table, in a closet, on your balcony outside (perhaps at night so the neighbors don’t see!) Outdoors in the forest, in a tent while camping. Even in a strange place like the hallway makes the act feel more naughty, it’s incredibly arousing to be more taboo. A dildo would be the ideal novelty to bring into the great outdoors simply due to the nonexistent sound, a buzzing is quite obvious and the last thing you want is the bylaw officers invading a private moment! A tight space like a closet forces bodies to be close and immediately the intimacy is heightened. Being in the dark is also very sexy as the only way to navigate reach others bodies is through the sense of touch.


2012 Vibrator Trends

On December 28th, our product specialists knocked their heads together to come up with a list of possible 2012 sex toy trends. Now that 2 1/2 months are in the bag it’s same to come forward with the fruition of these predictions. All big words aside, to no surprise our team was right. If anyone were to peek at their resumes, it would make sense why they’re so on the money. These gals really know their stuff and we’re happy to have them as advisers for the store. Here’s a recap of the predictions and their accompanying outcomes and some examples of trendy vibrators that have been selling very well in the last 2 1/2 months.



- Scented toys — This option piggy-backs with jelly – since jelly toys always had added scents the new TPR versions are less scented, medical grade silicone being completely unscented; this one is being fazed out simply by the material change.

- Packages with pictures of naked women — This is a slow move in the industry but customers here would never really notice much as we don’t upload pictures of packaging, there’s no reason to highlight the container you will be throwing away upon arrival!

- Jelly vibrators — Jelly vibrators have been replaced with TPR which is a type of silicone. It’s phthalates free but it is porous so proper cleaning is required. An example of a former jelly vibe updated to TPR is the Daydream vibe.

- Straight plastic vibrators — Just like the trend of waif skinny women is disappearing and a natural curvaceous body is in, vibrators are also following suit. Want an example? Check out the blue Lola in the picture.

- Dials on the bottom — Inset buttons are popping out every day. The pun was intended – it’s a joke! But in all seriousness, buttons are the raging fad right now. We’re confident more buttons will replace dials in the coming year and even into 2013.



The curvaceous beauty is in fashion.



- Multi functions — Women are being walloped with so many features sex toys are getting way too confusing. Of course for the techie girl with all the latest electronics this is very much appealing however the simplistic might get overwhelmed. Luckily the simple vibration is still there but multi function is becoming a more widespread option.

- Vibrators that warm up — Warming lotions back in the 1990′s and warming vibes now. Nothing else has the ability to carry your psyche off to a warm sandy beach, sun gleaming down on your bronzed skin, the motion of the ocean mimicking the movement of your internal muscles towards crashing on the shore, exploding at the moment of orgasm. A little guided visualization is always beneficial!

- Trendy looking curvy shapes — Again look at the blue Lola, this babe’s all curves, all glory and super fad like a fashion accessory. In fact this is one of the only vibrators a woman wouldn’t be shy to show her friends.

- Silicone surfaces — We’re constantly getting emails from little manufacturers who are launching their own line of medical grade silicone vibrators. We carry some of them but don’t fill our shelves like some other companies. Why? The price is very high for these resulting in lower sales, especially in a slower economy women prefer cheaper options so to balance out the checkbook with pleasure, we focus more on TPR silicone instead.

- Buttons on the side — Being able to use a vibrator in the bath or shower allows women to use it every day. The reality is a house full of people will near you laying on your bed upstairs happily humming away, however if you sneak it into the shower it’s practically inaudible. Buttons inset on the side is the only way a multi function vibe can be waterproof as it seals of the bottom from water.



Best Cheap Vibrators

Whenever you see the word “cheap” next to the word “best”, proceed with caution. There needs to be a small disclaimer here before this goes on any further. A cheap sex toy certainly won’t be the “best” in the bag of middle range models however the cheap sex toys are there for adults with a limited budget because for the most part, something is better then nothing. Again there is a disclaimer becuase we’ve come across some sex toys so bad that we won’t sell them therefore you know when shopping at even our cheap sex toys are okay.

To get some background on the difference between cheap and expensive sex toys you’ll need to refresh yourself so please take a second and ready the article titled “Are cheap sex toys really a bargain?” which explains the difference between lesser priced vibrators and a luxury brand and gives you better idea what to expect when purchasing your first vibrator.

Now that you know what you’re buying, we’ll proceed with listing the best cheap vibrators.


Jumbo Platinum Vibrator


Foamy and fantastic.

When size is an essential requirement, this is the largest cheapest vibrator. Smooth on the top powerful enough inside, utilizing 2 C batteries it has some weight and substance in it when in operation.


Power Penis
This one wins becuase it has the most quiet motor in it’s class. It has been reviewed several times and each reviewer has always commented this first and foremost.


Realistic Stud
The softest and cushiest realistic penis with a light tingle and quiet operation. A foamy like latex coating is well made for a basic version.


Chocolate Stud
The easiest choice, there is no other brown vibrator as good as this under twenty dollars. It’s more rubbery on the outside which keeps it sturdy during your movements and it has an adequate realistic feel.


Slimline G Spot Massager
The bigger round head contrasts the skinny shaft for a very invigorating experience to say the least ;)


Mighty Massager
Not technically a vibrator since you’re not supposed to insert it but it’s longer then other Pocket rockets so you can, using two batteries it packs a good amount of power but bring your ear plugs!


Cutey Wand
Slightly straying form the original topic, this noteworthy addition needs to be listed as it’s totally trendy, one of those 2012 sex toy designs that is flying off the shelves faster then we can keep them in stock. It’s tiny adorable and very powerful for it’s size.



All About Edible Underwear

This famous novelty has been slowly decreasing  in popularity closer to the back of the shelf. It seems like the hype for edible panties is over, it’s no longer funny or as popular and sales are sagging. Not too surprising, as there are trends in fashion, there are tends in sex toys and adult novelties too.

We’ve been waiting a while for edible panties to get a face lift, luckily our manufacturer has released a brand new box more reminiscent of the late 2000′s making them current and stylish for today. When you order your edible undergarments from us you’ll always get this attractive new packaging. Did this makeover make a difference in sales? Yes, there is an increased conversion rate with the new packaging since it was released about 6 months ago.

If you have ever wondered what edible panties look like when worn, it’s important to note people don’t buy them because they look flattering – it’s a GAG gift not a piece of erotic lingerie. Don’t be surprised at how silly they look as they’re supposed to be functional, not a trendsetting style! It’s all edible, even the strings. The male and female versions are the same with the front of the panty being loose enough to be transformed into a male pouch. The term “edible brief” can be slightly misleading since it’s more of a thong for men rather then a full brief however when you look at the photo you’ll see it for yourself.

The full  candy strands are a newer option but since they cost more it’s a less common purchase for a funny gift bag however they do look attractive and fit much better allowing a daring gal to sport it at an adult costume party. Some of these were sold for these purposes and it’s always been a ”treat” for the onlooker – no pun intended!

ellen degeneres edible underwearLeave it to Ellen Degeneres to invent her own style, humorous and just as delicious and just in time for Valentine’s Day, as aired on her television show a couple of days ago, her pretzel version would probably sell quite well, maybe we can hire her to spearhead other creative adult novelty ideas for us? ;)


Valentine’s Day Sex-Packs

Behold the most comprehensive Valentine’s day shopping guide for men and women you’ll find anywhere. We thought long and hard in accumulating the gifts in this list; we didn’t just randomly pick some stuff to highlight, a group of us sifted through pages for hours to formulate these results. Browse with confidence amongst the nine potential types of situations you’ll be shopping for and make this Valentine’s Day the best ever.

As of today, you have 21 days remaining to get your  shopping done. We’ve left a few days leeway for shipping purposes but if you’re the last minute type of person you actually have a few extra days but we like to give plenty of time and advance notice. Hint, hint guys :)

It’s nice to have a gift basket of surprises for your significant other, an assortment is a superb way to make the love last, literally and figuratively! Below are some sex-packs of products to purchase together that all tie into the same style depending on your personal needs.


Valentines Day


The bundle to snuggle.
Thinking of good ‘ol classic romance?

French Vanilla and Jojoba Massage Oil
Electric Infrared Massager
Hugs and Kisses Couples Coupon Book


Hot picks for hot sex.
If your goal is to get frisky in the sack, these are a must-have.

Warming Oral Sex Enhancer
Peek-A-Boo Bra & G-String
G Spot Flower Vibrator


Sex Toy Curious.
It’s the perfect time to introduce sex toys into the bedroom for the first time. These tame teasers will surely be appreciated.

Chocolate Love Kit
Finger Fun Vibrator
Strawberry Lubricant


Naughty needs.
If you dabble in BDSM Valentine’s day holds a slight different meaning for you but still a reason to celebrate your love, however you choose to express it.

Nipple Nibblers
Furry Cuff Kit
Leather Cock and Ball Divider


Seductive selections for her.
It’s hard to decide what to get in a fresh relationship,  if seduction is your game here’s the required tools.

Pheromone Massage Oil
Monkey Buddy
Lover Enhancer Ring


Seductive selections for him.
If your goal is to seduce your new man he’ll be putty in your fingers after this.

Sexy French Maid Costume
Ride ‘em Cowgirl
Juicy Flavored Sex Lube – Wild Cherry


Made for men.
The best manly gift ideas  he’ll love.

Penis Massage Cream
Fellatio Coupons
Macho Weighted Ring


Taking a walk on the wild side.
For a freaky V-Day, push the limits of your love with some fetish selections.

Numbing Deep Throat Spray
Alligator Nipple Clamps
Leather Thruster Strap On


She’s got it all.
For a woman who has a drawer full of sex toys long before you came along, these creative gifts will re-ingite her excitement.

Stairway to Pleasure
Floral Glass G Spot Massager
iVibe Bullet Vibrator



Valentine’s Day Ideas – Sex Toys with Hearts

A popular suggestion for transforming Valentine’s Day into a full size event is to run with a theme. To base all your gifts, decor and activities into a single theme helps it all to run smoothly and ties into together, you’ll be able to have a more professional looking event, if you will. One of the easiest and best themes is Hearts.

Valentine’s Day is all about feelings from the heart and you’ll easily be able to pick up some decor ideas at your local department store or maybe even online. Here is a list of every sex toy that’s decorated with hearts to make your moment of passion tie into the grand theme of the day.


Sex Toys with Hearts:


- The Love Vibe is the most obvious choice, if she squeals over a big batch of red heart shaped balloons, think of the reaction you’ll get with this style!


- A vibrating ring is a fun sex aid for couples although not as widespread in bedroom drawers, the Wireless Love Ring is a suitable first timer version as it’s small and discreet.

Sex toy with hearts


- The Tango is our favorite selection for a woman who has everything, a unique choice with innovative design capable of allowing specialized pleasure in the exact way that feels the best.


- A safe choice for an unconventional woman, the Bending Vibe looks interesting but don’t worry – she’ll fall in love with this one. I speak from personal experience – this one has ridiculous power and the bending shaft is very special you won’t be sorry, I promise!


- For the darker side of love , a dominatrix’s best  gift is a heart flapper whip and non-piercing heart nipple rings are a nice way to tone down the sweetness level.


- Another naughty choice is the Sinful vibrator, it has heart but also tons of attitude to go with it, my personal top pick of a trendy sex toy for 2012.


- If the overabundance of red is a turn-off get the blue-loving girl a sophisticated Glitzy vibrator with tiny heart detail making a more subtle gift choice.


- Slightly off topic but still useful for setting the mood for romance, drop a few heart shaped ice cubes in her beverage during dinner.


- A strap on harness is a daring choice for some, others who love to explore new things would be overjoyed with this design. Probably the only truly Valentine’s theme Heart Strap On dildo looks great, fits well and the attachment is one of the softest ones available for sale.


- A heart shaped sex pillow can help prop up your hips in a particular position for better penetration.


- The only heart shaped bottle holds a liquid for love, a delicious and edible strawberry massage oil is a great transitional piece from the dining room to the bedroom.



Closer Look at Clitoral Vibrators

Today we’ll look at variations of clitoral stimulators present on dual stimulation vibrators in addition to the famed rabbit. Some other critters for your clitoris just may entice you out of the rabbit comfort zone and inspire you to pick up yourself a new pet.


The Rabbit Vibrator.

With respect for a first timer we’ll show you a picture of the rabbit ears and let you visualize why this format is spectacular:


rabbit vibrator close up

The "V" shape is for caressing the clitoris.


That “V” shape where the ends flare out is the spot where your clitoris rests. It’s ergonomically designed to contact every possible inch of the exposed circumference  and literally caress it, furthermore powerful vibrations are shot up through the motor which lies only about an inch lower – the result? The best orgasm of your life.


The Dolphin Vibrator.

The dolphin is another character you’ll see quite often. The feature on this aquatic theme joy-toy is a single pressure point, sometimes the mouth is slightly open to produce the opposite angle as the rabbits, a dolphin is a more precise format for clitoral stimulation.


Dolphin vibrator close up

A dolphin is the opposite of the rabbit shape.


Other animal vibrators.

Ducks and elephants are another one and a few other obscure variances exist like a champagne bottle or a wavy extended form. These critters are most notably for physical appearance as it’s a good idea to offer alternatives to rabbit vibrators, It’s not to say that a woman will call us and say “I don’t like the rabbit what other animal do you have?” Rather the question would be something like: “I have 3 rabbits already and want something else, what can you suggest?” In this case we would show you a different animal.

Normally these sex toys are similar to dolphins where you get a single point of contact for the clitoris, usually the design is longer which means you’ll get more coverage. Often the critter or shape will lay through the middle of your labia. The goal is more external stimulation which is like a tease compared to direct vibration which gets you to your final destination quicker.

It would be safe to assume that anything other then a rabbit or dolphin may lead you to a playground of sexual pleasure before the big moment making these a wonderful option for taking the time to please yourself. When you use the more powerful rabbits, you’ll climax right away so if you feel like taking your time, lighting some candles on your bedside and caressing the moment of self sexuality then a style like these will probably give you the extra time you are looking for.


Rounded clitoral vibrators.

Amongst all the cute animals it’s easy to overlook the plain and blunt rounded shape. Mostly targeted towards women who are not overly feminine and would feel silly resting some character on the clitoris. Again this is all to target everybody regardless of your personality of feminine influence to your persona.

Even though they are not as attractive and cute to look at, the simple extension is a wonder to behold in itself. Some are wide allowing it to press your clitoris like a button, offering full coverage blunt force without any allowance for it to squish away, the direct force doubled with vibration is an orgasmic dream come true.

When shopping for this style of vibrator, keep in mind the size of the contact point. We have some that are really tiny for a tease and others that are wide for full on satisfaction. Similar to the points above, you’ll have to decide if you want instant and strong or slow and pampering.


Two clitoral vibrators

Left - more of a foreplay-like tease. Right - more contact = immediate orgasm.


The point of this lesson is not to discount rabbit vibrators, they are supremely powerful however there are other clitoral vibrators that should be considered as well. By refusing to purchase a sex toy without the famed bunny ears, you’re closing yourself off to new opportunities to enjoy your sexuality, a prized gift that should be cherished and if you know how to manipulate it right, you’ll be more in touch with your womanly side then the gals on Sex and the City!


Silicone vs. Cyberskin

Anyone who’s in the know is a fan of these 2 types of sex toys. Ask this person however which is better or what the difference is and most won’t be able to tell you. Until our brand new information sheet titled What Sex Toys are Made Of, I had no idea what the scientific difference was either. All I knew was Cyberskin is like skin and silicone is a safe jelly-like material. They are actually not very similar in appearance at all but of you were to analyze the compounds in a lab, they would be strikingly similar, this piece of information I also did not know.

Let’s pretend that you’re not concerned with appearance since silicone will be colored and Cyberskin will be ivory, ebony or brown. Which style should you choose?

These two popular formats could be compared in the following ways:

cyberskin vagina

A sure bet for the guys.

Cyberskin has a velvet smooth surface, silicone has a slick surface.

When properly lubricated, you’ll be able to enjoy a faster glide with the latter.

Another massive difference being silicone is mostly much tighter then it’s counterpart.

The final big difference? Silicone is more durable. This would show a disadvantage of Cyberskin meaning even though it looks good and it’s expensive, it can break easily and that’s is the truth, it’s inferior in this respect.

If I were to choose a masturbation sleeve, I would go with Cyberskin, For a woman’s toy I would choose silicone. That’s my opinion and sales stats reflect this as well.


2012 Sex Toy Trends

We’re about to bid farewell to 2011. It’s been a great years and we sincerely thank all of our customers for your patronage, including the first time customers to the loyal repeat shoppers who come back every month.

The final sales stats are in cumulative for the year and it’s time to anticipate the future sex toy trends for 2012. For a store that’s new to the adult industry this may seem a daunting task, but we’re professionals, having a presence in the sex toy market for the past 8 years it’s easy for us to compare stats and know exactly where the purchasing trends are heading. Additionally, this gives us an advantage of knowing what kinds of sex toys to stock our shelves with that will be popular. We’re presenting this report in a few different stages starting with the biggest draw, vibrators for women.

Here is some old and new trends and a general idea of what you will expect to see more of and less of in the coming year:



Top Vibrators


- Scented toys
- Packages with pictures of naked women
- Jelly vibrators
- Straight plastic vibrators
- Dials on the bottom


- Multi functions
- Vibrators that warm up
- Trendy looking curvy shapes
- Silicone surfaces
- Buttons on the side


Male Sex Toys

Top Male Sex Toys


- Vibrating head cups
- Sleeves that look like flowers
- Solid rubber
- Vibrating penis pumps


- Pocket pussy with pubic hair
- Black pocket pussies
- Masturbators with finger grips
- Closed suction sleeves


Anal Toys

Top Anal Toys


- Plastic anal beads
- Butt plugs with a penis shape
- Large jelly probes
- Glittered surfaces
- Butt plugs with trendy, curvy shapes


- Jelly anal beads
- Straight vibrating anal probes
- Prostate massagers
- Prostate vibrators
- Vibrating butt plugs



Best Christmas Gifts for Men 2011

Google today’s title and you’ll end up with pages full of XBOX and PS3 games, perhaps some tablets like the iPad or other similar one-offs. These make great gifts and he’ll be happy with them but there’s a few other gifts that he’ll love just as much (if not more) but these he can’t open in front of mom. Another advantage of sex toys for men as Christmas gifts? They cost much less the video game or electronic device. We’re talking a third of the price. That should be evidence enough to convince you!

The year 2011 is present (no pun intended!) in the title as well because there has been so many new toys for men this year that we need to specify this year’s items. One hot tend for men? Prostate toys have been the rage this year. In fact our prostate toys section has blossomed from 8 products to 18 products and we have loads more to be considered and will be added in the coming year. We know not every guy will appreciate this as a Christmas present so there are some other products that he’ll like. These are fairly general and can be applied to the Army solider to the lumberjack to the computer geek. All guys appreciate the same thing so for us women out there, holiday shopping for men is very easy.


Christmas Presents


1.) Masturbation Sleeves
Back in October, we created a guide for masturbation sleeves and pulled out the top 3 to highlight. Instead of repeating this again the link has been provided. The sleeve is our number one choice for guys, it’s discreet, easy and is a perfect gift for women to give. It might be a little strange for some women to give your husband a fake vagina for Christmas and we get where that sentiment comes from, so this allows him to enjoy sexual pleasure when you’re not in the mood and offers nothing for the imagination so he’s clear to think about you :)


2.) Vibrating Cock Ring
He will always appreciate this one because it means he’ll get sex. What you can do to help him out is offer up a style that’s no so feminine. Most of these are feminine and it’s probably because it’s usually the guy who purchases it for the lady and she appreciates a sweet and nice air but the opposite recipient should have something manly. Don’t hurt his ego, the Maximus Ring is the most hefty piece. A bonus for you? That ring will never flip around the other side and clitoral vibrations will always be in the same place. If you’ve never tried a vibrating ring before this is a feature that’s very important.


3.) Flavored Lubricant
It may seem a little too girly and in comparison to the last suggestion when we mentioned you should avoid products that are overly feminine. This seems to be hypocritical but there’s a reason, flavored lube is good for oral sex. It’s so heavily flavored that it will mask the taste of semen and this is definitely something he’ll be really excited to try out. Also compatible for sexual intercourse making it a double duty adult novelty and when he’s not around you can use it on your vibrators for yourself. There’s nothing wrong with a gift that you can use too!



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