Best Christmas Gifts for a Woman who has Everything

    Best Christmas Gifts for a Woman who has Everything

    If you’re doing research trying to find a sex toy for your lady chances are you’ve seen lists written about gifts for first timers. Assuming in your case your lovely companion already has a drawer full of sex toys anything recommended on a beginner’s list will do you no good. This handy guide is made for women who have already explored numerous styles and knows how fun it is to bring a vibrator in the shower with her. The ideas below are ground breaking, more powerful and offer something different then your normal waterproof vibrator.


    Christmas Presents


    1. ) Digital Egg Vibrator
    Not just your typical egg vibe, it has a detailed screen that shows your patterns and intensity levels. A technology marvel in adult toys for women this one is practically guaranteed to get a truthful “wow” from her when she gives it as try. It looks very flashy and with 6 AA batteries involved, the power is unsurpassed by everything else.


    2. ) Wall Bangers Vibrator
    There’s not much that looks different but the real star quality lies in that suction cup. It’s so strong you can stick it anywhere. If she likes vibrators in the shower, this one offers interesting squatting position which prevent her legs from getting sore. The vibe itself is quite plump, even though it does not look fancy it is one of those styles that does not need to be filled with fancy textures and such. It’s been in the catalog for about 4 years and has always been a hot seller. Sometimes it’s a beginner’s choice because of the tame looks but with that suction cup it quickly transforms the common woman into a well rounded self-sexual expert.


    3.) Hand Cuffs
    Offering you an “in” to the sex play. Opens the door for frisky activities together so that you don’t feel left out from her pleasure. Other bondage restraints offer the same type of fun but because it’s technically not a sex toy bondage toys get forgot about this time of year so we’ll bring it to your attention for your consideration.


    4.) Vibrating cock ring.
    Again offering you some part in play of her sexual satisfaction. It’s difficult to recommend one style because they vary quite a bit so you’ll have to anticipate what she likes. Think of yourself too since you’ll also benefit from the vibration. To enhance your pleasure, try a ring with a double vibrator. If you’re worried about loosing your load to early, pick yourself up some penis desensitizer which is located in the same category as the cock rings.


    DP Harness

    A present she won't expect.

    5.) DP harness
    One of our most original sex toys for couples, there is no other like it. Includes the harness and 1 silicone dildo, you insert your penis into the other ring and give her the hidden double penetration sex fantasy that many women have. The concept may seem kinky and we’d have to agree, what you will like is the fit, it wears well without hurting your ego. The silicone dildo is curved making great g-spot contact or this one can be used for anal penetration since it;s more narrow then the dimensions of the average male penis.



    This list could go on and on and it we have to admit it was difficult choosing only 5 things to highlight. With Christmas coming on a Sunday this year, technically there is a whole extra week involved in shipping time so you don’t have to rush as of yet. In the coming days more suggestions will be added but for now, this is good start.


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