Best Christmas Gifts for Romance

    Best Christmas Gifts for Romance

    Standing underneath the mistletoe, sharing a cup hot hot cocoa, ice skating holding hands; these are just a few reasons why the season is so romantic. Considered a romantic precursor to Valentine’s day, Christmas is a popular time for marriage proposals and romance a few notches more intense then a normal day. Speaking as a woman, I prefer romance for Christmas because it’s less expected then Valentine’s Day which is over hyped and often forces guys to be romantic whereas a Christmas gift that says romance is his choice. He could have bought me a sweater or a blender but if he gives me a snuggly teddy bear for Christmas, it’s a gesture more well received then that lover’s holiday in February.

    So to all the guys out there, take this time to give her something romantic in between the practical stuff. The ladies working behind the desk here have brain stormed together and come up with this list for best adult products for romance that make the best sexy holiday gift ideas for lovers. It’s fairly general and can be for a new relationship to the old married couple, everyone can benefit and your lady will love it, you can trust us, we’re a bunch of girls giving you these suggestions!


    Christmas Presents


    1.) 52 weeks of romance
    An obvious suggestion and the first one that we came up with immediately upon thinking romantic ideas. It really doesn’t get any better then this. It’s the gift that keeps on giving, a coupon for every week of the year suggesting nice activities to do together. Not x-rated but just right to promote some love and tenderness. Cheap to buy and priceless for a year’s worth of love. If you want more coupons, there is another similar product called hugs and kisses.


    2. ) Floral Wonder Vibe
    As a big seller of vibrators, we had to include one on the list. Out of all our vibrators for sale, this pretty little device is the sweetest looking out of all. It’s perfect for a lady who doesn’t have a vibrator yet, almost artistic like in appearance lacking any taboo aura it’s nice, small, quiet and delicate. The flower is cool making it look sweet and presentable.


    3.) Lover Enhancer Ring
    It’s shaped like a heart, promoting sharing of sexual intimacy and love. makes sex better by adding a subtle hands free vibration. Both the man and woman will enjoy this one and it won;t wiggle around on you due to the testicle, strap which keeps it all neat in place. Don;t worry guys, this strap won;t cause you any discomfort it;s very stretchy.


    4.) Infrared massager
    The electric massage that’s made for back massage. Not meant to be an intimate sexual device, rather a romance and soothing tool made to set the mood for love. Who doesn’t love a nice massage on right muscles? It loosens everything up and make your romantic encounter more passionate when you’re feeling liberated.


    5.) Warming Massage Lotion
    We’ve got many choices here but the warming versions are more sensual as they warm up as you rib them. Forget the chilly touch and reach for a warm and soothing formula instead. Flavored in light and fruity or dark chocolate like scents the aphrodisiac smell will make you entire room a den of love.


    6.) Massage Guide Book
    Written by a sexual shaman, this book helps guide you to a world pas sexual romance.¬†Embraces passion and all these other nice terms we like this book as it;s different them any other ones. take a look at the link oh is site, it;s a good reference for the other behind the story. This one is a fan favorite too, it’s amazing how you can have better sex when you’re in touch with your inner spirit.



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