Buy the Best Double Harness

    Buy the Best Double Harness

    Strap on harnesses are quite popular sex toys for couples and there is a commonly requested style that is hard to find simply because the “important part” is not visible from the thumbnail photos on the website. We have complied this list of double harnesses to make it easy to compare them directly to choose your best one.

    The term “double” refers to the incorporation of 2 attachments, one is for the vagina and one is the usual dildo that attaches to the front of the harness. The vaginal plug is not visible from a photo which is why it can be harder to find. We have 4 different models for sale, including one model that’s available in 2 colors.

    Double Vibrating Harness

    Double Vibrating Harness


    1.) Double Vibrating Harness
    This is our favorite choice. We like it because the harness has twin straps that hold the support for the vaginal plug. The plug is aptly named as it’s more blunt and is a great tease. It vibrates as well which is always a welcomed feature. A harness where the vaginal dildo is firm in place may not necessarily fit every woman’s form so if you’re not considered “average ” in size this should be your only option. Additionally it’s the largest waist size out of all styles accommodating up to a plus sizeĀ  60 inch waist.


    2.) Double Strap On Harness (available in black and white)
    One of the more stylish options complete with faux leather crocodile pattern, contrasting stitching and a low rider bikini panty style of fit. Features a stout latex vaginal plug that is wide but very foamy like. The dildo attachment is longer and also softer. This version offers more comfort then all the others simply due to the latex attachments, it’s also the lightest.


    3.) Double Delight Vibrating Strap On
    Offering by far the most penetration for the wearer. It’s actually shaped like a real penis and is 5 inches long so when the wearer thrusts the dildo sways and gyrates inside the vagina. It’s a one of a kind feeling to be able to share the same motion that your partner will feel as theĀ  thrusting transfers directly into your body. We give this one the thumbs up for it’s kinky factor.


    4.) Vac-u-Lock Ultra Harness: Female
    Stuff yourself full, it’s the next step up from the product listed in point number three. Offers 2 plugs one for anal insertion, the other for the vagina. Similar to item number one, the supports for the plugs can move in the strap. It’s intrusive, big and bulky especially with the penis attachments and the 2 plug-ins attached at the same time so if you like the feeling of being stuffed, squeezed and loads of sensation there is no other option. You can remove one or both of the plugs if you want something lighter.


    Double Strap On Harness

    Double Strap On Harness


    These 4 styles are numbered according to the best sellers and the most popular. We agree with the ranking order as well, perhaps we have something to do with the reason these are ranked in this fashion; as when a customer asks us our opinion of which double dildo strap on to purchase, we will always refer them to these 4 in that particular order.



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