Closer Look at Clitoral Vibrators

    Closer Look at Clitoral Vibrators

    Today we’ll look at variations of clitoral stimulators present on dual stimulation vibrators in addition to the famed rabbit. Some other critters for your clitoris just may entice you out of the rabbit comfort zone and inspire you to pick up yourself a new pet.


    The Rabbit Vibrator.

    With respect for a first timer we’ll show you a picture of the rabbit ears and let you visualize why this format is spectacular:


    rabbit vibrator close up

    The "V" shape is for caressing the clitoris.


    That “V” shape where the ends flare out is the spot where your clitoris rests. It’s ergonomically designed to contact every possible inch of the exposed circumference¬† and literally caress it, furthermore powerful vibrations are shot up through the motor which lies only about an inch lower – the result? The best orgasm of your life.


    The Dolphin Vibrator.

    The dolphin is another character you’ll see quite often. The feature on this aquatic theme joy-toy is a single pressure point, sometimes the mouth is slightly open to produce the opposite angle as the rabbits, a dolphin is a more precise format for clitoral stimulation.


    Dolphin vibrator close up

    A dolphin is the opposite of the rabbit shape.


    Other animal vibrators.

    Ducks and elephants are another one and a few other obscure variances exist like a champagne bottle or a wavy extended form.¬†These critters are most notably for physical appearance as it’s a good idea to offer alternatives to rabbit vibrators, It’s not to say that a woman will call us and say “I don’t like the rabbit what other animal do you have?” Rather the question would be something like: “I have 3 rabbits already and want something else, what can you suggest?” In this case we would show you a different animal.

    Normally these sex toys are similar to dolphins where you get a single point of contact for the clitoris, usually the design is longer which means you’ll get more coverage. Often the critter or shape will lay through the middle of your labia. The goal is more external stimulation which is like a tease compared to direct vibration which gets you to your final destination quicker.

    It would be safe to assume that anything other then a rabbit or dolphin may lead you to a playground of sexual pleasure before the big moment making these a wonderful option for taking the time to please yourself. When you use the more powerful rabbits, you’ll climax right away so if you feel like taking your time, lighting some candles on your bedside and caressing the moment of self sexuality then a style like these will probably give you the extra time you are looking for.


    Rounded clitoral vibrators.

    Amongst all the cute animals it’s easy to overlook the plain and blunt rounded shape. Mostly targeted towards women who are not overly feminine and would feel silly resting some character on the clitoris. Again this is all to target everybody regardless of your personality of feminine influence to your persona.

    Even though they are not as attractive and cute to look at, the simple extension is a wonder to behold in itself. Some are wide allowing it to press your clitoris like a button, offering full coverage blunt force without any allowance for it to squish away, the direct force doubled with vibration is an orgasmic dream come true.

    When shopping for this style of vibrator, keep in mind the size of the contact point. We have some that are really tiny for a tease and others that are wide for full on satisfaction. Similar to the points above, you’ll have to decide if you want instant and strong or slow and pampering.


    Two clitoral vibrators

    Left - more of a foreplay-like tease. Right - more contact = immediate orgasm.


    The point of this lesson is not to discount rabbit vibrators, they are supremely powerful however there are other clitoral vibrators that should be considered as well. By refusing to purchase a sex toy without the famed bunny ears, you’re closing yourself off to new opportunities to enjoy your sexuality, a prized gift that should be cherished and if you know how to manipulate it right, you’ll be more in touch with your womanly side then the gals on Sex and the City!


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