Closer Look at G-Spot Vibrators

    Closer Look at G-Spot Vibrators

    This category recently received a makeover. We removed some older products that were becoming outdated and introduced some fresh off the line new styles that look modern and are made from safer materials. Every package we added said “phthalates free” and this brought an up an interesting point, every new sex toy is now free of toxins so we’re not going to stress on this anymore nor are we going to include it in every description, it’s the new trend of sex toys which makes shopping a lot easier on all of us.

    We’re going to list a few of the most important differences in to guide you in the right direction when trying to make your purchase. The list below is in point form as it’s one of the easiest ways to scan the comparison, we know how busy you are and you don’t want to waste time reading a huge paragraph so the essential points are highlighted below:


    Soft G Spot Vibrators – example: G Play

    - Most comfortable
    - Does not make hard contact with the spot, less effective at precise stimulation
    - Vibrates softly
    - Often the most quiet out of all the other styles


    Hard G-Spot Vibrators – example: Wicked Massager

    - Best at the massage this type of sex toy is intended for
    - Noticeable inside as it won’t bend at all
    - Strongest vibrations
    - Can be noisy, especially the cheap ones
    - Best vibrator for female ejaculation


    Thick G-Spot Vibrators – example: Chubby G

    - A wide girth has more sensation inside the entire vagina
    - Provides all sorts of female sexual pleasure at the same time
    - Extra padding usually means a more quiet motor
    - Extra padding also means less intensity


    Thin G-Spot Vibrators – example: Satin Scoop

    - Gives you a precise feel that can trigger the internal orgasm
    - Often very powerful
    - Smaller size is a favorite for the first time shopper
    - Good to use before sex; she’ll welcome the wide penis after being hot off the climax from the thin curved vibrator


    Steep Curved G-Spot Vibrators – example: Blush Massager

    - Heavy on the feeling, goes far beyond the g-spot massage
    - Some find it irritating if they like a slight tease
    - Others who like poking inside enjoy the intrusive feel
    - Feels very incomparable to any other vibe
    - A good vibrator for female ejaculation


    Gently Curved G-Spot Vibrators – example: Lover Massager

    - Normally most effective at the g-spot massage (we know this is opposite of common sense!)
    - More comfortable for some
    - Others may find it’s not forceful enough internally
    - Able to disperse the vibration down the shaft


    G Spot vibrator types


    It is difficult to suggest a particular style as the differences vary however if you want a concrete answer to which is best we’ll have to give the advantage to the combination of “thin” and “hard“. Thick is great for a regular vibrator but if you need that specific feeling inside of you then nothing beats that combo.

    We used to have 3 pages of vibrators now we have 4. We thought about adding another page which means at least 6 new products but then it seemed that beyond the selection currently available, there is nothing but repetition in the designs. There is no point in offering size of the same vibrators with 6 different colors and maybe a sparkle pattern or something thrown into the mix. It just leads to confusion for the consumer.

    We’ve been there and done that and when a customer is overwhelmed they begin to regret the decision or have buyers remorse after the purchase is made and this is something we’d like to prevent. A comfortable purchase begins when you only have a certain election there to choose from without feeling stressed out!


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