Best Christmas Gifts for Romance

Standing underneath the mistletoe, sharing a cup hot hot cocoa, ice skating holding hands; these are just a few reasons why the season is so romantic. Considered a romantic precursor to Valentine’s day, Christmas is a popular time for marriage proposals and romance a few notches more intense then a normal day. Speaking as a woman, I prefer romance for Christmas because it’s less expected then Valentine’s Day which is over hyped and often forces guys to be romantic whereas a Christmas gift that says romance is his choice. He could have bought me a sweater or a blender but if he gives me a snuggly teddy bear for Christmas, it’s a gesture more well received then that lover’s holiday in February.

So to all the guys out there, take this time to give her something romantic in between the practical stuff. The ladies working behind the desk here have brain stormed together and come up with this list for best adult products for romance that make the best sexy holiday gift ideas for lovers. It’s fairly general and can be for a new relationship to the old married couple, everyone can benefit and your lady will love it, you can trust us, we’re a bunch of girls giving you these suggestions!


Christmas Presents


1.) 52 weeks of romance
An obvious suggestion and the first one that we came up with immediately upon thinking romantic ideas. It really doesn’t get any better then this. It’s the gift that keeps on giving, a coupon for every week of the year suggesting nice activities to do together. Not x-rated but just right to promote some love and tenderness. Cheap to buy and priceless for a year’s worth of love. If you want more coupons, there is another similar product called hugs and kisses.


2. ) Floral Wonder Vibe
As a big seller of vibrators, we had to include one on the list. Out of all our vibrators for sale, this pretty little device is the sweetest looking out of all. It’s perfect for a lady who doesn’t have a vibrator yet, almost artistic like in appearance lacking any taboo aura it’s nice, small, quiet and delicate. The flower is cool making it look sweet and presentable.


3.) Lover Enhancer Ring
It’s shaped like a heart, promoting sharing of sexual intimacy and love. makes sex better by adding a subtle hands free vibration. Both the man and woman will enjoy this one and it won;t wiggle around on you due to the testicle, strap which keeps it all neat in place. Don;t worry guys, this strap won;t cause you any discomfort it;s very stretchy.


4.) Infrared massager
The electric massage that’s made for back massage. Not meant to be an intimate sexual device, rather a romance and soothing tool made to set the mood for love. Who doesn’t love a nice massage on right muscles? It loosens everything up and make your romantic encounter more passionate when you’re feeling liberated.


5.) Warming Massage Lotion
We’ve got many choices here but the warming versions are more sensual as they warm up as you rib them. Forget the chilly touch and reach for a warm and soothing formula instead. Flavored in light and fruity or dark chocolate like scents the aphrodisiac smell will make you entire room a den of love.


6.) Massage Guide Book
Written by a sexual shaman, this book helps guide you to a world pas sexual romance. Embraces passion and all these other nice terms we like this book as it;s different them any other ones. take a look at the link oh is site, it;s a good reference for the other behind the story. This one is a fan favorite too, it’s amazing how you can have better sex when you’re in touch with your inner spirit.



Best Christmas Gifts for a Woman who has Everything

If you’re doing research trying to find a sex toy for your lady chances are you’ve seen lists written about gifts for first timers. Assuming in your case your lovely companion already has a drawer full of sex toys anything recommended on a beginner’s list will do you no good. This handy guide is made for women who have already explored numerous styles and knows how fun it is to bring a vibrator in the shower with her. The ideas below are ground breaking, more powerful and offer something different then your normal waterproof vibrator.


Christmas Presents


1. ) Digital Egg Vibrator
Not just your typical egg vibe, it has a detailed screen that shows your patterns and intensity levels. A technology marvel in adult toys for women this one is practically guaranteed to get a truthful “wow” from her when she gives it as try. It looks very flashy and with 6 AA batteries involved, the power is unsurpassed by everything else.


2. ) Wall Bangers Vibrator
There’s not much that looks different but the real star quality lies in that suction cup. It’s so strong you can stick it anywhere. If she likes vibrators in the shower, this one offers interesting squatting position which prevent her legs from getting sore. The vibe itself is quite plump, even though it does not look fancy it is one of those styles that does not need to be filled with fancy textures and such. It’s been in the catalog for about 4 years and has always been a hot seller. Sometimes it’s a beginner’s choice because of the tame looks but with that suction cup it quickly transforms the common woman into a well rounded self-sexual expert.


3.) Hand Cuffs
Offering you an “in” to the sex play. Opens the door for frisky activities together so that you don’t feel left out from her pleasure. Other bondage restraints offer the same type of fun but because it’s technically not a sex toy bondage toys get forgot about this time of year so we’ll bring it to your attention for your consideration.


4.) Vibrating cock ring.
Again offering you some part in play of her sexual satisfaction. It’s difficult to recommend one style because they vary quite a bit so you’ll have to anticipate what she likes. Think of yourself too since you’ll also benefit from the vibration. To enhance your pleasure, try a ring with a double vibrator. If you’re worried about loosing your load to early, pick yourself up some penis desensitizer which is located in the same category as the cock rings.


DP Harness

A present she won't expect.

5.) DP harness
One of our most original sex toys for couples, there is no other like it. Includes the harness and 1 silicone dildo, you insert your penis into the other ring and give her the hidden double penetration sex fantasy that many women have. The concept may seem kinky and we’d have to agree, what you will like is the fit, it wears well without hurting your ego. The silicone dildo is curved making great g-spot contact or this one can be used for anal penetration since it;s more narrow then the dimensions of the average male penis.



This list could go on and on and it we have to admit it was difficult choosing only 5 things to highlight. With Christmas coming on a Sunday this year, technically there is a whole extra week involved in shipping time so you don’t have to rush as of yet. In the coming days more suggestions will be added but for now, this is good start.


Best Basic Anal Toys

I need to distinguish the intention of this lesson, you may have noticed the word “basic” in the title. I’m going to highlight some basic anal toys meaning the ones that don’t stand out visually, they are usually straight and boring to look at. Of course the curved, colored and interesting patterns are easy to suggest; they look good so from a business merchandising point of view it’s a good idea for an adult sex shop to suggest something colorful but we’re going beyond that, I will forgo looks and concentrate on your pleasure because that’s what I do best!

Another advantage of basic looking anal sex toys? They’re cheap. Fancy shapes cost more money, a straight mold is much cheaper to produce and we’re able to pass the savings along to the customer.


Long, skinny and straight.

These are the best probes. Longer gets in there really deep, typically more narrow so it’s more comfortable and you’re squashing into the depth of your last explored frontier. Rubber will be a more stiff poke while jelly gives you more flexibility. I would love to give every adult a long skinny probe, it’s the best type in my opinion, the feeling is really neat without being too dirty or intrusive.

Long and bumpy.

Mimicking the same effect as anal beads without needing to be pulled out. These have the advantage because the gripping ridged surface may not fall out as easily as the straight probes. The sensation is different some people like the texture thrusting in and out, others don’t so it’s hard to say which is better, personal preferences really prevails here.

Tapered butt plug.

The most typical and boring looking anal toy. Surprisingly we sell so butt plugs and it’s normally the connoisseur that makes the purchase. The skinny end and flat base is really good at holding the plug in. FYI, the slimmer plugs will fall out, to get it to stay in you’ll really need that flat base.


best basic anal toys

They might look boring but you'll like how it feels.


An observation could be made that I mentioned falling out a lot here. It’s true, the anus is naturally accustomed to pushing things outwards therefore anything you stick in will want to be pushed ut. If you have a skinny neck around the rectum sphincter then it will help to hold the plug in. A way to get around this is to hold it in with your hand, try moving it around while you’re holding it will turn from a chore into something pleasurable.




Deep Inside a Pocket Pussy

Time to give some attention to the guys. In this industry, men seem to have the short end of the stick, so to speak. Many sex shops are presented all fluffy in pink and overly feminine. A sex shop for guys is often lewd looking, but most guys are professional and classy, just wanting sexual pleasure like the ladies without anything crude getting in the way. We like to keep it classy with the understanding that men like sex toys and are not always porn-hungry wolves looking for some fresh meat. That analogy may be a little exaggerated but you get my drift.

If you’re new and haven’t seen the pocket pussy selection you’ve got to check it out before you can follow the meaning for this educational piece. The pocket pussy looks astoundingly real, but that’s in a picture. We get calls form men asking how solid these are as they look like a chunk of plastic. We’re in the process of making a video showing how soft they are, it’s not ready yet but stay tuned as one day soon we’ll upload it to the site.

The softness is really unique, similar to a woman’s warm soft well moisturized skin. The brand name toys are very well made and even though vibrators for women are always the first product they like to promote, men’s toys sell extremely well, especially for us since our store is more unisex in nature.


Inside the pocket pussy are 3 typical textures.

Pocket Pussy Spikes

Angle showing the rows of spikes inside the tunnel.


The most common is a continuous row of raised spikes.
“Spikes” is a harsh term however as it only defines their appearance. These spikes are made from the same softer element and stroke your penis as you thrust like similar to the motion of tentacles on an anemone waving gently in the ocean current. Smooth and flowing, just like that.


Pocket Pussy Bumps

Taking a peek at the bumps inside the sleeve.


Raised bumps are another option.
This more subdued texture is not nearly as popular but they do give a noticeable sensation. These bumps can be in a tidy row or spread unevenly all around. Honestly, you’ll hardly notice the difference when you trusting so this detail does not really matter.


Smooth tunnels do exist.
It will be an endless glide with nothing in your way. The least popular out of the three textures and probably the reason why less and less toys are made with this feature. We can’t even call it a feature, it’s warm and smooth but reviewers again have admitted that texture inside the tunnel is by far superior then no texture at all.


We state in each product description what the tunnel is composed of so you’ll know what you’re buying, however note that most tunnels are spiked or bumpy so you’ll benefit from the same pleasure our reviewers have expressed much preference over.


Top 5 Sex Toys When Your Guy Feels Intimidated

Some men feel threatened when a woman wants to use a vibrator. For some guys, they harbor old fashioned feelings and it hurts their ego. They have these thoughts that a real man should be able to please a woman on his own, or that women only use sex toys when they are not impressed with the man’s moves.

A modern man knows this is far from the truth. A modern woman uses a vibrator in conjunction with her man, even if she uses it when he’s not around, it gives her an orgasm which makes her relaxed, which makes her enjoy the feeling which makes her want sex even more.

If you’re with a guy who seems to be stuck in the past and can’t let these wacky feelings go but you still want to use sex toys, we have some great suggestions of best selling innocent sex toys that won’t hurt his ego.

No realistic vibrators.

If he thinks his penis should be the only one, we have some other suggestions for you.


Top 5 Sex Toys When Your Guy Feels Intimidated

1.) Kissing Butterfly Vibrator
It’s hot pink and non-phallic. The labia massager looks like a butterfly, an adorable garden insect should never intimate. The rounded thumb like parts that inserts into the vagina does not vibrate it’s more of a teasing feel and it’s smaller too so he won’t have to worry about his penis feeling small.

2.) The Luxury Mini G
The style of this sex toy will really appeal to guys and girls, it looks luxurious and is very effective at stimulating the g-spot. There is a handle to grasp, so give it to him and let him wiggle it about. He’ll feel good when he sees the look on your face. Another thing we really like is how short it is so there is no worries about an over eager boyfriend stuffing it way too high inside you and missing the mark.

3.) Radiant Ringer
The dildo that looks like a tool, a manly apparatus and nothing like a penis. We get it when a guy can be intimated by thrusting a penis looking device into his girlfriends vagina. He may be thinking “why not just use my penis?” We have to agree that this is a legitimate complaint so if you can’t win this battle, get the dildo that looks nothing like a penis.

4.) Clit Flicker
Some guys might scoff at the idea of a vibrating ring, but tell him that this one stimulates your clitoris too. It’s not physically possible to do this without using your hands so during sex, you get penetration and clitoral rubbing and you can use your hands to prop yourself into any sexual position, rub his nipples, run your fingers through his hair – anything to pay more attention to him. A bonus? The ring can help keep his erection firm for a little longer then normal.

5.) Too tiny to care.
Think small, explore this entire section of bullet vibrators. It’s hard to suggest just one product so all these vibrators are clumped into one point. Any bullet should do, they’re all around the same size, some have animal shaped sleeves but really we don’t think it will matter to him if it’s a egg shape or butterfly shape. It’s only the size that matters. We’re sure he won’t be threatened by the tiny discreet buzzing in the bedroom.

These list has only 5 of our best selling  toys for couples but you’re not limited to only these. There are literally hundreds of toys that will make your man feel comfortable. Consider it a starting point as you browse and you’ll easily locate the perfect item that will fit with both of you becuase after all, good sex is shared between 2 adults and both people need to feel comfortable.


Best Products to Help with Premature Ejaculation

Almost every couple at some point of time will encounter this common problem. It’s a frequent sexual dysfunction caused by overstimulating of the penis resulting in almost immediate ejaculation, or intercourse lasting less then one minute.


Sexologist does not know best.

Ask a sexologist and they’ll give you a few tips on what to do, but these tips are not realistic during intercourse, it’s too much of a distraction for both partners. An example is the “squeeze” method which is to insert the erection into the vagina and then remove and squeeze the tip of the gland closed when he feels like he will ejaculate. Put this picture in your head and it’s a very un-sexy image. Furthermore it’s hard to “train” this innate behavior away resulting in a  frustrating sex life or lack thereof.

Another suggestion is the “start-stop” method, he is to pull the penis out before he feels ejaculations coming on. There are 2 possible results: first he can spill semen all over her belly or she will hardly enjoy a single thrust every minute or so. Even though these responses may seem comical, it’s a reality for most couples.


The two magic solutions.

We have some products that when combined can assure longer lasting lovemaking and a happy couple in the end. A penis extension is one of the best ways to last longer in bed, contrary to what most believe it’s not just for more length rather it pads the penis allowing some of the sensation to be removed. If the man experiences less friction then the likelihood of premature orgasm is greatly reduced. Stay away from the latex extenders as it’s too thin to make much of an impact, but a very suitable option would be a Futurotic extension which pads you all the way around.

If this is not your style a desensitizing cream is another popular option. Using a topical anesthetic, the same that a dentist uses to numb the gums before inserting a needle, it’s safe to ingest and quite effective. The only downside of this method is you’ll need to apply 10 minutes before sex. If you apply it immediately and then have intercourse right away, it will numb your partner too.


A secret you’ll only hear from us.

A cock ring is another alternative suggested by some sex therapists and other adult stores but in our 6 years of experience in working with customers, feedback has been the cock ring is not as effective as it’s lead to be, making this sort of a misconception. You can try it, a benefit is a stronger erection but don’t expect to become and instant all night man when wearing a cock ring.


The conclusion to curing premature ejaculation:

Try combining delay cream and an extension, you’ll be able to give her the love she needs so badly, she’ll still enjoy the warmth and texture of an erection and you can sink into a passionate embrace together until the sun comes up in the morning!

** We have heard some feedback that desensitizers work well, but they need to be combined with an extension to be completely effective, there have been customers who purchased one part only to come back and purchase the second part later. We’re here to save you money on shipping, buy both now you’ll need them together.


Closer Look at G-Spot Vibrators

This category recently received a makeover. We removed some older products that were becoming outdated and introduced some fresh off the line new styles that look modern and are made from safer materials. Every package we added said “phthalates free” and this brought an up an interesting point, every new sex toy is now free of toxins so we’re not going to stress on this anymore nor are we going to include it in every description, it’s the new trend of sex toys which makes shopping a lot easier on all of us.

We’re going to list a few of the most important differences in to guide you in the right direction when trying to make your purchase. The list below is in point form as it’s one of the easiest ways to scan the comparison, we know how busy you are and you don’t want to waste time reading a huge paragraph so the essential points are highlighted below:


Soft G Spot Vibrators – example: G Play

- Most comfortable
- Does not make hard contact with the spot, less effective at precise stimulation
- Vibrates softly
- Often the most quiet out of all the other styles


Hard G-Spot Vibrators – example: Wicked Massager

- Best at the massage this type of sex toy is intended for
- Noticeable inside as it won’t bend at all
- Strongest vibrations
- Can be noisy, especially the cheap ones
- Best vibrator for female ejaculation


Thick G-Spot Vibrators – example: Chubby G

- A wide girth has more sensation inside the entire vagina
- Provides all sorts of female sexual pleasure at the same time
- Extra padding usually means a more quiet motor
- Extra padding also means less intensity


Thin G-Spot Vibrators – example: Satin Scoop

- Gives you a precise feel that can trigger the internal orgasm
- Often very powerful
- Smaller size is a favorite for the first time shopper
- Good to use before sex; she’ll welcome the wide penis after being hot off the climax from the thin curved vibrator


Steep Curved G-Spot Vibrators – example: Blush Massager

- Heavy on the feeling, goes far beyond the g-spot massage
- Some find it irritating if they like a slight tease
- Others who like poking inside enjoy the intrusive feel
- Feels very incomparable to any other vibe
- A good vibrator for female ejaculation


Gently Curved G-Spot Vibrators – example: Lover Massager

- Normally most effective at the g-spot massage (we know this is opposite of common sense!)
- More comfortable for some
- Others may find it’s not forceful enough internally
- Able to disperse the vibration down the shaft


G Spot vibrator types


It is difficult to suggest a particular style as the differences vary however if you want a concrete answer to which is best we’ll have to give the advantage to the combination of “thin” and “hard“. Thick is great for a regular vibrator but if you need that specific feeling inside of you then nothing beats that combo.

We used to have 3 pages of vibrators now we have 4. We thought about adding another page which means at least 6 new products but then it seemed that beyond the selection currently available, there is nothing but repetition in the designs. There is no point in offering size of the same vibrators with 6 different colors and maybe a sparkle pattern or something thrown into the mix. It just leads to confusion for the consumer.

We’ve been there and done that and when a customer is overwhelmed they begin to regret the decision or have buyers remorse after the purchase is made and this is something we’d like to prevent. A comfortable purchase begins when you only have a certain election there to choose from without feeling stressed out!


Name that Dildo

Don’t you love the names that are given to sex toys? You gotta call them something and it would be hard to name a dildo.  Anyway, we’re going to compare the Super Cock and the Basic Penis to see which one is better.

I just had a great idea. Along with the product comparison, let’s also host a “name that dildo” contest. At the bottom, post your comment and suggest a name for one of these dildos. Pick either the skinny guy or the fat guy and let’s see just how dirty of a mind you have!

Alright, now to get back on topic. Both dildos look very different so this is really comparing apples to oranges. Personal opinion will be the biggest variable so keep that in mind when considering the differences.

Every time we write a comparison, we pull the number of units sold. Before anything can be said, it’s important to note that both sell much more then we thought, so really this is not a winner vs. loser scenario rather it’s an analysis of 2 best sellers.


Analysis of two dildos.

Guess which is "Super" and which is "Basic".


Why the Super Cock is better.

- Head wider then the shaft provides the irresistible “bump” as it rocks in and out of the vagina.
- Shaft maintains the same girth throughout for a more filling realistic feel.
- Dense rubber is more solid allowing you to feel the ridges and curves.
- Testicles are a good handle so you can orientate the direction when its inside.
- Can be used with a strap on harness that has a metal ring.
- Size: 6 inches long, slightly over 1 1/2 inches thick.
- Available for purchase here.


Why the Basic Penis is better.

- Tapered towards the end allows it to poke deeper without discomfort
- Softer and bends easier, if you like to move around the flex will fit.
- Thinner is better for first timers and it’s not as scary looking.
- Suction cup is very sticky and withstands kinky doggie style position.
- Can be used with a strap on harness that has a metal ring.
- Size: 8 inches total length. The tip is 1 1/4 inches wide and increases to 1 1/2 inches wide at the base.
- Available for purchase here.


The conclusion to be made is forget about the name. The “Super” cock is not necessarily any better then then “Basic”. Again it comes down to the name. Don’t let it sway your decision, just buy the dildo that’s better for your needs according to the 6 individual points listed above. P.S. Now it’s your turn to post your names in that “name that dildo” contest. Prizes? If we get enough good suggestions there may just be some free prizes to go out, we’ll have to see!



Talking About the G-spot on a Major News Network

You’ve got to hand it to the Canadians. Airing September 22, 2011 was a documentary about the analysis, study and medical opinion of the g-spot and how it relates to the whole of female sexuality. They interviewed not just regular women but experts in the field such as doctors, gynecologists, sexual therapists and researchers.

It’s nice to see the liberation of women’s rights for sexual pleasure in front of your face on prime time TV. Thanks to the introduction and popularity of vibrators, it’s been OK for decades for women to pleasure themselves and now we get to learn about the realities of G-spot stimulation.

For any man who thinks this is a myth, they’ve proved it otherwise and dispelled the myths even going as far as showing ultrasound images showing the connection between the different parts of a woman’s vagina and pelvis. Basically we would say that a man who doesn’t believe the g-spot exists doesn’t know how to please a lady in the first place.

This is a very good educational and tasteful documentary for women and men. They also interviewed women who tell about their first time g-spot experiences and how they never go back to simple intercourse since they’ve experienced this intense internal orgasm.


Female ejaculation screenshot

Explaining the physiology behind female ejaculation.


One really interesting comment they made was how the clitoris is literally connected to the g-spot. They show cut-outs of the anatomy of a woman’s pelvis in a cartoon diagram to show the connection between the two. It shows that simultaneous g-spot and clitoral stimulation is what will produce the strongest orgasms. We have been saying this for years and now it’s a great news that it’s been proved medically.

The rabbit vibrators, especially the ones with the forward facing curve are not “snake oil” marketed towards females, it’s the real deal capable of dishing out the strongest muscle clenching orgasm a woman could possibly experience. When you see this diagram, you’ll know what your body is doing when you, your sex toy or your man is rubbing on the spongy walnut size patch inside the vagina.

We also really liked how they coined the term “scientific sexology.” We should use that term more often as it differentiates the reality between naughty porno sex and real honest sexual pleasure they way God intended.

This is the link to the show In Search of the G Spot so that you can watch it, we really recommend it to everyone it’s very educational and you’ll never look at foreplay the same ever again. We’ll continue to outline some of the other points they covered below.


G-spot Documentary Screenshot

Medically proving the connection between the G-spot and clitoris.


Another finding is that the size of a woman’s clitoris will directly affect the amount of pleasure received. Size does matter in this case so some women experience stronger pleasure then others but thanks to a new G-spot injection which swells the sensitive internal structure, any women can intensify her pleasure.

The doctor who does g-spot enhancement surgery is quite cutting edge as well, we can see his business flourishing as it makes the g-spot more sensitive and bigger. Men have their penis extenders, women have their g-spot injections. Welcome the new age of sexual freedom!

A proper documentary about female sexuality can never overlook female ejaculation. It’s such a taboo subject even sex toys that are made for ejaculating are commonly discontinued becuase the buyer’s market is not there to support the supply. Of course they went there, focusing on a female version of the prostate and even reveling the makeup of the fluid by collecting it and analyzing it in a lab.

We won’t spoil the secret, this you’ll have to see for yourself when you watch the show, it’s a little added incentive for you to sit back in front of your computer for 30 minutes to with this ground breaking television program.

With all that said, it’s easy to come to the conclusion about why g-spot vibrators are such best sellers. That’s not the point we were trying to make in today’s presentation but it’s a conclusion that can be drawn after you see this show for yourself. In another article we will go into detail about the different shapes and styles but for now we’ll refer you to the g-spot vibrator category as a whole.

Please feel free to add your opinion about the show. What did you think? Let’s start a conversation and spread the world on “scientific sexology of the g-spot”.

Photo credit: In Search of the G-spot by Doc Zone on CBC


Top 3 Masturbation Sleeves for Men

It’s easy to assume that stroker sleeves are all the same with the exception of the physical appearance and color. We would strongly disagree, since we’re in contact with these everyday it’s easy to feel the difference but not easy to see the difference. Instead of describing every single masturbator for men, we’ll get straight to the point and pull up our top 3 masturbation sleeves (no pun intended!)

We could take the easy way out and simply suggest the first handful of sleeves you see in the masturbators category because it’s true they are best selling sex toys for men but we’re going to dig a little deeper and highlight some styles that are buried in the category but not becuase they’re no good, it’s due to the fact that as much as we would love to, for merchandising and aesthetic reasons, every toy can’t be put on the first page.


Beaded Masturbation Sleeve

Why pink?

1.) Dual Beaded Stroker

Too bad this is colored pink. In our opinion, that’s a really bad move on the part of the manufacturers to color a men’s toy pink. Vibrators and dildos should be pink, guy’s things should be blue.

Personal opinion aside, this stroker is one of the finest because it’s very tight and the 2 rows of beads are noticeable but never unpleasant. It’s a very unique feel that your hand can’t replicate.

Sure there are others with beads but the density of the jelly is really what makes this style so great. Get over the color or maybe turn out the lights but don’t pass this one over.


Clear Masturbation Sleeve

Men love Sue.

2.) Honcho Stroker

Thanks to Sue Johansen, who is the object of secret admiration of every college guy across the USA. She is always right up to date when it comes to sexual pleasure and she’s always pro-for experimentation.

She has endorsed a series of toys and this one really hits the mark, it has a closed which means it creates a slight vacuum suction when you push your penis deep inside. Add some lube to get the full effect of the suction. What’s even better? Unlike the example above she was smart and colored her toy clear.


Realistic Masturbation Sleeve

Not a cop-out.

3.) Lacey’s Pocket Pussy

Some may argue that we’re sort of cheating here – technically it has the word “pocket pussy” in the name but really it’s not. It’s only a thin simple sleeve that happens to have the same skin like material that a pocket pussy is made from.

Consider this a conversion, a fair compromise between a smaller discreet sleeve and a life like feeling silky skin. This one has it all, soft, cozy and all those features you love but with a new material that’s not as common in this style of stroker.



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