Tigers vs. Dolphins: A Cock Ring Comparison

Tiger Cock Ring

Tigers vs.

Just like a sports game, we’re going to pit the Tigers versus the Dolphins. Each “team” has some strong points and some things they need to work on. They each have their own fan base that loves them for various reasons.

If you’re new to the sporting world of sex toys this little niche called cock rings is tucked away in the corner is like the Lacrosse of the sports world – not as popular but those who are a fan are diehards for the sport.

The same goes with vibrating cock rings; way underrated so we’re going to highlight this toy in the corner and maybe some more fanatics can hop on board. Lacrosse is a good sport that should be more popular and cock rings should be as well.

Visually, the tiger has more to look at, a beefy version of the thinner dolphin. The color, exactly the same however the material, not so much. You can’t understand how something feels by looking at the photo but we think our product descriptions do a pretty good job at conveying this important detail across to the potential customer. Go ahead and read the descriptions or we can save you some time and get the bottom line across now; the tiger is soft, the dolphin is hard.

Dolphin Cock Ring


Softer is better for the guy, harder is better for the girl. Now this is where the beefy tiger excels over the skinny dolphin. If the designs were to be reversed, the Tiger would be too solid for the man to enjoy fully. The dolphin would be too soft and the big top would fold over.

The manufacturers of these adult products really do know what they’re doing and the end result usually works well. In this case, they both do.

The woman would most likely get more contact from the dolphin becuase it’s bigger and more firm whereas the tiger is too squishy for a solid impact, it’s better at providing a soft all around squishy padding which it will do due to those cutesy little raised feet. The dolphin stimulation is more precise and the tiger stimulation is more general.

As for vibration, they are quite similar. Each one has padding so no one will have direct contact with the bullet, one is silver and the other is blue but that’s the main difference between them. Both are quiet and operate on the same style of batteries.

When it comes to appearance on the penis some would say they both look ridiculous as each one is crafted to look like an animal. This is usually more appealing to women as it seems to be the target market for such products.

It’s had to say which is better; it really depends on what the customer wants. We’ll leave you by saying that the Dolphin sells 79 percent more then the Tiger for the same time period. This is quite an alarmingly high number that would cause most to immediately assume that the tiger is the inferior product however we would not agree  and don’t want you to leave thinking this is a horrible product so we’ll estimate why the sales results are so different.

The dolphin is cheaper and on the first page, it’s smaller and the barely-there design is quite desirable for cock rings. The tiger looks to complex for some and it’s not on the first page and not as highlighted in it’s category compared to the other. If I would have to choose personally, my choice would be the Tiger ring.


Buy the Best Double Harness

Strap on harnesses are quite popular sex toys for couples and there is a commonly requested style that is hard to find simply because the “important part” is not visible from the thumbnail photos on the website. We have complied this list of double harnesses to make it easy to compare them directly to choose your best one.

The term “double” refers to the incorporation of 2 attachments, one is for the vagina and one is the usual dildo that attaches to the front of the harness. The vaginal plug is not visible from a photo which is why it can be harder to find. We have 4 different models for sale, including one model that’s available in 2 colors.

Double Vibrating Harness

Double Vibrating Harness


1.) Double Vibrating Harness
This is our favorite choice. We like it because the harness has twin straps that hold the support for the vaginal plug. The plug is aptly named as it’s more blunt and is a great tease. It vibrates as well which is always a welcomed feature. A harness where the vaginal dildo is firm in place may not necessarily fit every woman’s form so if you’re not considered “average ” in size this should be your only option. Additionally it’s the largest waist size out of all styles accommodating up to a plus size  60 inch waist.


2.) Double Strap On Harness (available in black and white)
One of the more stylish options complete with faux leather crocodile pattern, contrasting stitching and a low rider bikini panty style of fit. Features a stout latex vaginal plug that is wide but very foamy like. The dildo attachment is longer and also softer. This version offers more comfort then all the others simply due to the latex attachments, it’s also the lightest.


3.) Double Delight Vibrating Strap On
Offering by far the most penetration for the wearer. It’s actually shaped like a real penis and is 5 inches long so when the wearer thrusts the dildo sways and gyrates inside the vagina. It’s a one of a kind feeling to be able to share the same motion that your partner will feel as the  thrusting transfers directly into your body. We give this one the thumbs up for it’s kinky factor.


4.) Vac-u-Lock Ultra Harness: Female
Stuff yourself full, it’s the next step up from the product listed in point number three. Offers 2 plugs one for anal insertion, the other for the vagina. Similar to item number one, the supports for the plugs can move in the strap. It’s intrusive, big and bulky especially with the penis attachments and the 2 plug-ins attached at the same time so if you like the feeling of being stuffed, squeezed and loads of sensation there is no other option. You can remove one or both of the plugs if you want something lighter.


Double Strap On Harness

Double Strap On Harness


These 4 styles are numbered according to the best sellers and the most popular. We agree with the ranking order as well, perhaps we have something to do with the reason these are ranked in this fashion; as when a customer asks us our opinion of which double dildo strap on to purchase, we will always refer them to these 4 in that particular order.



Penis Extensions that Work

Men buy for penis extensions for 2 reasons. First is to get a longer penis and second is to reduce the likelihood of premature ejaculation. Depending on what you needs are, we have a few suggested products that should be purchased to accomplish your desired outcome.

If you want a longer penis, the latex extensions are the best for that; they offer the most length out of any style. Essentially a one to three inch long narrow foam pad with a latex coating on the exterior. It rolls on the penis like a condom. She’ll notice it’s silky smooth and you will still get to feel the warmth inside of the vagina.

Inside the Latex Penis Extension

Inside the Latex Extension

Even though they fit like a condom and look like a condom, it’s not a safe substitute as it won’t prevent the transmission of STD’s or prevent pregnancy and we advise that you wear a condom underneath anyway because the foam pad will be difficult to clean if you get it full of semen.

The latex extensions have a limited lifespan too as the foam will compact and deform due to the natural thrusting motion of sexual intercourse.

To get a the most realistic feeling you’ll want to buy a Cyberskin or Futurotic extension that will make you longer by an inch or two and it will also make you half an inch thicker unlike the latex versions which add no girth at all.

The Cyberskin is softer and may fall off if it gets too wet therefore the Futurotic is the better choice. The Futurotic and Cyberskin also reduce sensation for the man which will do a great job at preventing premature ejaculation. The less you’ll feel, the longer you can last, it’s a physical fact.

Favorite Penis Extension

Our Favorite Penis Extension

Don’t expect to be sneaky and put on an extension when the woman is prepping herself in the bathroom and then once you have intercourse don’t think she won’t notice. These are noticeable as it feels slightly different then a normal penis, the main difference being the firmer texture and lack of prominent mushroom head and she will know you’re wearing one.

We suggest being up front and telling her you’re going to put on a penis extension and it will prevent any awkward feeling. Some women really enjoy them, especially the styles that make your penis thicker.

To be honest, women don’t wish for a longer penis, they wish for a thicker penis. To summarize all of the above, the cheap latex ones are OK, but the Futurotic extensions are really the best. You’ll get a life like feel, longer and thicker erection, it will stay on much better even if it gets very wet and it has a softer exterior for her comfort. They will fit you slightly tight but it’s still stretchy enough to accommodate any size man as it comes in only one size.

Whenever a guy asks us for the best selling penis extension the Futurotic is the first one we suggest and we sell many and have never received a complaint.

Browse the selection of penis extensions and we also have others styles that are not mentioned in this article but may be addressed in the future.


Reasons to Love Anal Beads

There are a few different types of anal beads available for sale, some are more popular then others but when compared to vibrators or dildos, they sell much less. They are even the least popular out of all anal toys which s unfortunate because there’s a boatload of pleasure that comes from these small underrated devices.

We’re here to set the record straight with a few reasons why you should love anal beads and we’ve even included a list for the 2 different styles.


Reasons to Love Molded Anal Sex Beads


1.) Easy to clean.
Silicone is one of the safest ways to enjoy any insertable sex toy however if you like the softness of jelly, they are still easy to clean. The entire strand is easily rinsed and sterilized with the use of antibacterial hand soap and hot water and since it’s all a single poured mold, there is not space for bacteria to hide and flourish.


2.) Slip and slide.
This stand is all interconnected and the sizes don’t vary so much so it glides easily and when lubricated, the glide is unlike any other material, the only thing that’s more slippery is glass, but glass anal beads aren’t really as effective as these kinds because they’re not flexible enough.


3.) A better “poke”.
Since this style is more stiff then the plastic counterparts, it digs in real deep which is a highly desired sensation. This can be said it crosses the line between anal beads and a butt plug.


Anal beads



Reasons to love Plastic Anal Sex Beads


1.) A bigger orgasmic impact.
nothing can compare with the bigger diameter of the plastic beads over the barely-there nylon rope when they are pulled out of the anus. It’s the reasons anal beads were invented in the first place and hardcore devoted fans dispute the fact that the silicone strands aren’t even real anal beads.


2.) Less intrusive.
Since these can coil up on each other, it won;t go very deep. instead all the balls will stay shallow within the rectum which gives better prostate pressure for men and the pushing feeling directly inside the anus can easily add a sensual tingle even before you pull them out.


3.) The cheapest option.
Normally costing half the price as the jelly beads it’s a better option for the budget conscious.


When a customer asks which is better, we like to recommend the single molded strands of beads for sanitary reasons and also becuase they do sell more then plastic. It’s easier to use and even though the sensation is not quite as strong, people who really enjoy their single strand often come back to upgrade to the plastic version.

If you’re unsure which you like then start at least with something because who knows, maybe you’ll become one of those devoted fans. It seems to happen after the first time and some adults swear on the use of beads becuase from a physical standpoint, the effect on the orgasms strength is quite intense. Perhaps another day we’ll touch on this topic in a future article. Keep checking back to our blog often!


Dildos: What’s Hot and Not

A New Dildo Design

A New Dildo Design - Trendy Does not Mean Popular

A Classic Dildo Design

A Classic Dildo Design - 13 Percent Higher Sales

There are definitely trends in sex toys, but it seems like dildos are relatively untouched by fads, however there is one fad that’s hot across all sex toy types: the demand for non toxic materials.

We’re commonly contacted by customers asking if the material is safe and since 2007, all Pipedream products have been phthalates free.

Recently Doc Johnson and California Exotics have transferred all their old mixtures to new safer materials while keeping the same best selling design. Most doc Johnson dildos are also latex free.

It’s not a new look that’s trendy, but new a new way of making sex toys that is the hot trend and we know this one is here to stay.


Luckily it’s easy to get what you want – pretty much all of our products are phthalates free and non toxic. Many people shy away from “vintage” looking sex toys fearing they’re not as good for you but the packaging is all redesigned and has it written on the front that it’s non toxic.

Now for the really interesting part: really old designs sell just as good as new designs.

Here’s an example. The line of Super Cocks have been around for about a decade, maybe even more and have barely evolved at all.

The line of Life Likes is only about 3 years old and has a more modernized look with detail that was not possible way back in the day. Astoundingly, the older dildo sells 13 percent more then the newer dildo.

It just goes to show that sometimes less is more and it’s tempting to fall for hot new trend looking sex toys, but sometimes the classic more simplified design works just as good.

We’re not sure the exact reason why the discrepancy in ales, and it’s even reinforced by the fact that the newer dildo is on the first cafe while the vintage style is on the second page. We still add new dildos all the time but we’re conscious not to overlook the hot selling classics of all time either.


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