Reasons to Love Anal Beads

    Reasons to Love Anal Beads

    There are a few different types of anal beads available for sale, some are more popular then others but when compared to vibrators or dildos, they sell much less. They are even the least popular out of all anal toys which s unfortunate because there’s a boatload of pleasure that comes from these small underrated devices.

    We’re here to set the record straight with a¬†few reasons why you should love anal beads and we’ve even included a list for the 2 different styles.


    Reasons to Love Molded Anal Sex Beads


    1.) Easy to clean.
    Silicone is one of the safest ways to enjoy any insertable sex toy however if you like the softness of jelly, they are still easy to clean. The entire strand is easily rinsed and sterilized with the use of antibacterial hand soap and hot water and since it’s all a single poured mold, there is not space for bacteria to hide and flourish.


    2.) Slip and slide.
    This stand is all interconnected and the sizes don’t vary so much so it glides easily and when lubricated, the glide is unlike any other material, the only thing that’s more slippery is glass, but glass anal beads aren’t really as effective as these kinds because they’re not flexible enough.


    3.) A better “poke”.
    Since this style is more stiff then the plastic counterparts, it digs in real deep which is a highly desired sensation. This can be said it crosses the line between anal beads and a butt plug.


    Anal beads



    Reasons to love Plastic Anal Sex Beads


    1.) A bigger orgasmic impact.
    nothing can compare with the bigger diameter of the plastic beads over the barely-there nylon rope when they are pulled out of the anus. It’s the reasons anal beads were invented in the first place and hardcore devoted fans dispute the fact that the silicone strands aren’t even real anal beads.


    2.) Less intrusive.
    Since these can coil up on each other, it won;t go very deep. instead all the balls will stay shallow within the rectum which gives better prostate pressure for men and the pushing feeling directly inside the anus can easily add a sensual tingle even before you pull them out.


    3.) The cheapest option.
    Normally costing half the price as the jelly beads it’s a better option for the budget conscious.


    When a customer asks which is better, we like to recommend the single molded strands of beads for sanitary reasons and also becuase they do sell more then plastic. It’s easier to use and even though the sensation is not quite as strong, people who really enjoy their single strand often come back to upgrade to the plastic version.

    If you’re unsure which you like then start at least with something because who knows, maybe you’ll become one of those devoted fans. It seems to happen after the first time and some adults swear on the use of beads becuase from a physical standpoint, the effect on the orgasms strength is quite intense. Perhaps another day we’ll touch on this topic in a future article. Keep checking back to our blog often!


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