Talking About the G-spot on a Major News Network

    Talking About the G-spot on a Major News Network

    You’ve got to hand it to the Canadians. Airing September 22, 2011 was a documentary about the analysis, study and medical opinion of the g-spot and how it relates to the whole of female sexuality. They interviewed not just regular women but experts in the field such as doctors, gynecologists, sexual therapists and researchers.

    It’s nice to see the liberation of women’s rights for sexual pleasure in front of your face on prime time TV. Thanks to the introduction and popularity of vibrators, it’s been OK for decades for women to pleasure themselves and now we get to learn about the realities of G-spot stimulation.

    For any man who thinks this is a myth, they’ve proved it otherwise and dispelled the myths even going as far as showing ultrasound images showing the connection between the different parts of a woman’s vagina and pelvis. Basically we would say that a man who doesn’t believe the g-spot exists doesn’t know how to please a lady in the first place.

    This is a very good educational and tasteful documentary for women and men. They also interviewed women who tell about their first time g-spot experiences and how they never go back to simple intercourse since they’ve experienced this intense internal orgasm.


    Female ejaculation screenshot

    Explaining the physiology behind female ejaculation.


    One really interesting comment they made was how the clitoris is literally connected to the g-spot. They show cut-outs of the anatomy of a woman’s pelvis in a cartoon diagram to show the connection between the two. It shows that simultaneous g-spot and clitoral stimulation is what will produce the strongest orgasms. We have been saying this for years and now it’s a great news that it’s been proved medically.

    The rabbit vibrators, especially the ones with the forward facing curve are not “snake oil” marketed towards females, it’s the real deal capable of dishing out the strongest muscle clenching orgasm a woman could possibly experience. When you see this diagram, you’ll know what your body is doing when you, your sex toy or your man is rubbing on the spongy walnut size patch inside the vagina.

    We also really liked how they coined the term “scientific sexology.” We should use that term more often as it differentiates the reality between naughty porno sex and real honest sexual pleasure they way God intended.

    This is the link to the show In Search of the G Spot so that you can watch it, we really recommend it to everyone it’s very educational and you’ll never look at foreplay the same ever again. We’ll continue to outline some of the other points they covered below.


    G-spot Documentary Screenshot

    Medically proving the connection between the G-spot and clitoris.


    Another finding is that the size of a woman’s clitoris will directly affect the amount of pleasure received. Size does matter in this case so some women experience stronger pleasure then others but thanks to a new G-spot injection which swells the sensitive internal structure, any women can intensify her pleasure.

    The doctor who does g-spot enhancement surgery is quite cutting edge as well, we can see his business flourishing as it makes the g-spot more sensitive and bigger. Men have their penis extenders, women have their g-spot injections. Welcome the new age of sexual freedom!

    A proper documentary about female sexuality can never overlook female ejaculation. It’s such a taboo subject even sex toys that are made for ejaculating are commonly discontinued becuase the buyer’s market is not there to support the supply. Of course they went there, focusing on a female version of the prostate and even reveling the makeup of the fluid by collecting it and analyzing it in a lab.

    We won’t spoil the secret, this you’ll have to see for yourself when you watch the show, it’s a little added incentive for you to sit back in front of your computer for 30 minutes to with this ground breaking television program.

    With all that said, it’s easy to come to the conclusion about why g-spot vibrators are such best sellers. That’s not the point we were trying to make in today’s presentation but it’s a conclusion that can be drawn after you see this show for yourself. In another article we will go into detail about the different shapes and styles but for now we’ll refer you to the g-spot vibrator category as a whole.

    Please feel free to add your opinion about the show. What did you think? Let’s start a conversation and spread the world on “scientific sexology of the g-spot”.

    Photo credit: In Search of the G-spot by Doc Zone on CBC


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