Top 5 Sex Toys When Your Guy Feels Intimidated

    Top 5 Sex Toys When Your Guy Feels Intimidated

    Some men feel threatened when a woman wants to use a vibrator. For some guys, they harbor old fashioned feelings and it hurts their ego. They have these thoughts that a real man should be able to please a woman on his own, or that women only use sex toys when they are not impressed with the man’s moves.

    A modern man knows this is far from the truth. A modern woman uses a vibrator in conjunction with her man, even if she uses it when he’s not around, it gives her an orgasm which makes her relaxed, which makes her enjoy the feeling which makes her want sex even more.

    If you’re with a guy who seems to be stuck in the past and can’t let these wacky feelings go but you still want to use sex toys, we have some great suggestions of best selling innocent sex toys that won’t hurt his ego.

    No realistic vibrators.

    If he thinks his penis should be the only one, we have some other suggestions for you.


    Top 5 Sex Toys When Your Guy Feels Intimidated

    1.) Kissing Butterfly Vibrator
    It’s hot pink and non-phallic. The labia massager looks like a butterfly, an adorable garden insect should never intimate. The rounded thumb like parts that inserts into the vagina does not vibrate it’s more of a teasing feel and it’s smaller too so he won’t have to worry about his penis feeling small.

    2.) The Luxury Mini G
    The style of this sex toy will really appeal to guys and girls, it looks luxurious and is very effective at stimulating the g-spot. There is a handle to grasp, so give it to him and let him wiggle it about. He’ll feel good when he sees the look on your face. Another thing we really like is how short it is so there is no worries about an over eager boyfriend stuffing it way too high inside you and missing the mark.

    3.) Radiant Ringer
    The dildo that looks like a tool, a manly apparatus and nothing like a penis. We get it when a guy can be intimated by thrusting a penis looking device into his girlfriends vagina. He may be thinking “why not just use my penis?” We have to agree that this is a legitimate complaint so if you can’t win this battle, get the dildo that looks nothing like a penis.

    4.) Clit Flicker
    Some guys might scoff at the idea of a vibrating ring, but tell him that this one stimulates your clitoris too. It’s not physically possible to do this without using your hands so during sex, you get penetration and clitoral rubbing and you can use your hands to prop yourself into any sexual position, rub his nipples, run your fingers through his hair – anything to pay more attention to him. A bonus? The ring can help keep his erection firm for a little longer then normal.

    5.) Too tiny to care.
    Think small, explore this entire section of bullet vibrators. It’s hard to suggest just one product so all these vibrators are clumped into one point. Any bullet should do, they’re all around the same size, some have animal shaped sleeves but really we don’t think it will matter to him if it’s a egg shape or butterfly shape. It’s only the size that matters. We’re sure he won’t be threatened by the tiny discreet buzzing in the bedroom.

    These list has only 5 of our best selling  toys for couples but you’re not limited to only these. There are literally hundreds of toys that will make your man feel comfortable. Consider it a starting point as you browse and you’ll easily locate the perfect item that will fit with both of you becuase after all, good sex is shared between 2 adults and both people need to feel comfortable.


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