Valentine’s Day Ideas – Sex Toys with Hearts

    Valentine’s Day Ideas – Sex Toys with Hearts

    A popular suggestion for transforming Valentine’s Day into a full size event is to run with a theme. To base all your gifts, decor and activities into a single theme helps it all to run smoothly and ties into together, you’ll be able to have a more professional looking event, if you will. One of the easiest and best themes is Hearts.

    Valentine’s Day is all about feelings from the heart and you’ll easily be able to pick up some decor ideas at your local department store or maybe even online. Here is a list of every sex toy that’s decorated with hearts to make your moment of passion tie into the grand theme of the day.


    Sex Toys with Hearts:


    - The Love Vibe is the most obvious choice, if she squeals over a big batch of red heart shaped balloons, think of the reaction you’ll get with this style!


    - A vibrating ring is a fun sex aid for couples although not as widespread in bedroom drawers, the Wireless Love Ring is a suitable first timer version as it’s small and discreet.

    Sex toy with hearts


    - The Tango is our favorite selection for a woman who has everything, a unique choice with innovative design capable of allowing specialized pleasure in the exact way that feels the best.


    - A safe choice for an unconventional woman, the Bending Vibe looks interesting but don’t worry – she’ll fall in love with this one. I speak from personal experience – this one has ridiculous power and the bending shaft is very special you won’t be sorry, I promise!


    - For the darker side of love , a dominatrix’s best  gift is a heart flapper whip and non-piercing heart nipple rings are a nice way to tone down the sweetness level.


    - Another naughty choice is the Sinful vibrator, it has heart but also tons of attitude to go with it, my personal top pick of a trendy sex toy for 2012.


    - If the overabundance of red is a turn-off get the blue-loving girl a sophisticated Glitzy vibrator with tiny heart detail making a more subtle gift choice.


    - Slightly off topic but still useful for setting the mood for romance, drop a few heart shaped ice cubes in her beverage during dinner.


    - A strap on harness is a daring choice for some, others who love to explore new things would be overjoyed with this design. Probably the only truly Valentine’s theme Heart Strap On dildo looks great, fits well and the attachment is one of the softest ones available for sale.


    - A heart shaped sex pillow can help prop up your hips in a particular position for better penetration.


    - The only heart shaped bottle holds a liquid for love, a delicious and edible strawberry massage oil is a great transitional piece from the dining room to the bedroom.



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