Mexican pocket ass is a realistic Latin masturbator.
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Caliente Latin Ass
Caliente Latin Ass Caliente Latin Ass Caliente Latin Ass Caliente Latin Ass

Caliente Latin Ass

We have to give this pocket ass lots of praise. On first glace is looks like all the others, but it's actually different mainly because of the thickness.

It's one of the widest masturbators, the tunnel is tight, lined with bumps and ribbed too but when you hold it, you can't feel your hand. It's obviously much more satisfying then a thin sleeve so your money is well spent when you buy this Latin pocket ass.

The outside is swirled, not only does it have a unique look but it's ergonomic to hold, your hand can't slip away easily because the grooves are very deep.

The Caliente is constructed of phthalates free silicone and rubber. You can squeeze it, pull it and twist it, you'll find it always feels silky and warm. A great treat for your cock. Measures 5 1/4 inches long and 2 inches thick.

Price $23.99
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