A bizarre masturbator with college sports team colors.

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Campus Stroker
Campus Stroker - front Campus Stroker - top Campus Stroker - bottom Campus Stroker - showing flexibility

Campus Stroker

If you don't consider yourself to the a typical kind of guy, this one most likely appeals to you. A peculiar look, some may even go as far as stating it's very bizarre. We would have to agree.

There is method to the madness however as it's a perfect pleasure toy for men. One of the squishiest materials meets one of the longest sleeves to create a never-before-seen style that will give you complete coverage.

Another exceptional feature is the deep ridges on the exterior which is meant to be a handle. Your fingers won't slip and you can stroke a million miles a minute if you're feeling up to it. The gaping pussy hole disappears into a powder blue color that's just like a college sports team's jersey color. Your penis will be hidden so you won't get any of the weird magnification when you stick your dick into a clear masturbator.

Tightly ribbed to the max feels better then ever before. Measuring 8 inches long and the width doesn't matter as this one will stretch so easily, the Campus Stroker is even open on the end for speedy cleaning.

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