How to place a sex toys order.
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How to Place an Order Online.

We offer the easiest, most secure checkout possible. We don't store credit card numbers so your information cannot be intercepted. We also ship discreetly with a postal shipping box, no one will know what's inside the package.

To place on order online, please follow the steps below: Silicone Rabbit Bullet

1.) Browse through the categories. When you click on the small product picture or the product's name, you'll see a page with more pictures of the item and a detailed description.

2.) Click the "add to cart" button for the items you want to purchase.

3.) To continue shopping, click the "back" button on your internet window to exit the product page and return to the list page. (Your shopping cart will not empty when you click the back button.)

4.) Click any "checkout" button when you are finished shopping.

5.) Select a shipping option from the pull down menu. There is a small triangle that you can click on to see the other shipping options.

6.) Click the blue "checkout" button, located underneath the order total.

7.) Complete the billing and shipping information then click the "place order" button.

8.) Print the confirmation page or write down your order number and before you know it, a discreet package will be delivered!

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To order over the phone: 856-382-0628