Jumbo Jack is a big cheap dildo.

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Jumbo Jack
Jumbo Jack Jumbo Jack Jumbo Jack Jumbo Jack

Jumbo Jack

HUGE Dildo for the big dildo lovers out there. Stretch yourself to the limits with this massive cheap monster dildo that doesn't cheap out on quality.

The thick shaft is straight all the way up, smooth so it glides like lightning. Wide so it gives you the ultimate stretch, fetish fantasies come to life easily because it's so consistent through the entire build, the rubber is softer but it can stand up on it's own without flopping to the side.

This big man measures 10 inches total length, with 8 1/2 inches insertable if you dare! And a full and thick 2 1/4 inches wide. This large penis is smooth on one side, and has firm veins on the other. Sculpted testicles rest as the base which is also a mild suction cup to help keep it in place.

Price $26.99
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