Mulatto Emperor big life like penis.
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Mulatto Emperor
Mulatto Emperor Mulatto Emperor Mulatto Emperor Mulatto Emperor

Mulatto Emperor

One of the best quality big life like fake penises you'll ever get to view. The plump material never looses its erection, and is flexible enough to offer comfort and a rigid sensation.

The penis head inserts smoothly with lube, and the veined shaft feels like a real mans textured penis. The ballsy base can be used as a perfect pumping handle, allowing you to thrust harder and faster! Get your partner to thrust for you during an incredible foreplay session!

The suction cup base can be used with any solid surface, giving you a versatile life like penis with never ending possibilities.

This dildo measures 8 inches long, and can be inserted about 6 1/4 inches. The width measures 1 5/8 inches, while the depth measures 1 3/4 inches.

Price $48.99
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