Sexy golden penis dildo.
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Gold Penis
Gold Penis Gold Penis Gold Penis Gold Penis

Gold Penis

A sexy golden penis to please you beyond belief! This dildo is made from an antibacterial material that is a silicone blend. The combination of the two materials makes for a very sleek and flexible dildo that is firm and strong and very comfortable.

The dildo is penis shaped with a perfectly tapered head that will smoothly slip in comfortably and easily with lubrication. There are raised veins through out the shaft and a realistic dorsal vein that will give you the sensations of a real erect penis.

Look at that stunning golden color with a almost oily looking finish that will stand out among your sex toys. The classic dildo design with a radiant new twist.

This unique adult toy can be very feminine with it's glossy finish, or very manly with it's neutral gold color. So whether you are a horny woman needing some sexual pleasing, or a desiring man craving some delightful anal play, this plump and flexible dildo is what you are looking for.

Measures 7 3/4 inches long and a perfect 1 3/4 inches wide.

Review submitted September 8, 2010
- "It looks really good and is quite solid. It's thicker then average and the tip is very blunt. It needs lube otherwise it will be uncomfortable. My biggest complaint is that it smells. It even says on the package scent-free, I don't know how the packaging can claim there is no scent when it clearly has a strong, perfume like scent!"
- Female 35, San Carlos, California

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