A silky curved dildo for the most discerning woman.

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gspot Dildo
gspot Dildo gspot Dildo front gspot Dildo closeup gspot Dildo held by hand


We're so proud to offer this lavish dildo for the g-spot at a fraction of the price of certain luxury sex toys. The powdery blue is totally groovy, a retro look with modern shape that is frequently seen on dildos costing hundreds of dollars.

This one is realistically priced, within reach of the ordinary woman. You won't need to sacrifice to bring home the most elegant dildo ever made, and you'll be happy you did one you've awoken after your first encounter.

Stiff enough to maintain the curve for the correct g-spot positioning, the jagged humps on the inside provide a complete treat when it's moved in and outwards. Designed to move slowly like a sensual passionate lover, a slow waving motion is going to offer you an incredible feel that this dildo is designed to provide.

Sized right in body safe silicone, the flat base helps him stand upright but also can slip through any strap on O ring. We say "any" because the diameter is very thin which is often a restrictive factor when shopping for a new attachment. The extra wide base also prevent slippage.

A multi purpose sex toy that's ideal for any classy woman's bedroom and begins your night of lusty activities! Measures 6 1/.2 inches long, 1 1/8 inches wide at the thicket point near the top.

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