Highest quality Cyberskin like double ended dildo.

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Pure Double Dildo
Pure Double Dildo - side Pure Double Dildo - top Pure Double Dildo - bottom Pure Double Dildo - bending

Pure Skin Double Dildo

Quite often an exotic sex toy is too freaky for the average person, this double dildo has an exotic form without anything that would make a lady feel uncomfortable.

Finely it's been done, nothing but highest quality and class in this totally original double ended dildo. Each end has a different mold for a different feel depending on which end you feel like using.

What you can't see is the greatest feature, it feels just like Cyberskin, if you're not sure what that is, this has a density and silky feel that closely resembles skin, it feels like a man's erection, velvet to the touch, warm and soft. It can bend but won't leave any tacky feeling around, all it will leave is the memories of a fantastic sensual encounter.

The longer size is good for a couples toy or if you're flying solo you don't have to reach around as far. Body safe TPR is easy to clean and always looks great. Measures 16 1/4 inches long and averages 1 1/2 inches wide although the diameter varies from spot to spot along the length of the shaft.

Price $39.99
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