Highest quality Cyberskin like mini double dildo.

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Pure Mini Dildo
Pure Mini Dildo - side Pure Mini Dildo - top Pure Mini Dildo - bottom Pure Mini Dildo - bending

Pure Skin Mini Dildo

Quite often an exotic sex toy is too freaky for the average person, this double dildo has an exotic form without anything that would make a lady feel uncomfortable.

Finely it's been done, nothing but highest quality and class in this totally original smaller sized double ended dildo.

All in all, you'll benefit from this adorable appearance and a crafty creation that offers women a very exquisite feel not normally found with dildos. It's soft but never tacky, which is a common complaint about softer dildos. Somehow they managed to make the right consistency for comfort.

Measuring 7 1/2 inches long and 1 1/4 inches wide it's slightly smaller then average but the big detail will make you a happy lady in the end.

Price $25.99
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