Ben Wa Balls
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Ben Wa Balls
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Ben Wa Balls

An ancient Oriental accessory for women used to strengthen the vaginal muscles. Perhaps you've heard of Kegel exercises; Ben Wa balls are a way to help enhance this form of pelvic floor exercises to make your muscles stronger.

There are many health benefits to having strong pelvic floor muscles from easier childbirth to preventing incontinence however the most desired effect is stronger orgasms. When the vaginal muscles are stronger, they flex tighter resulting in a more powerful pulsing motion for women. It's a difference that is definitely noticeable during sex.

These Ben Wa Balls are the perfect weight and size and come in an attractive, discreet case. They are made of metal and are heavier the plastic balls so you may find they fall out at first but as your body gets accustomed to holding in the weight, they will stay in much better. The balls measure slightly over .5 inches in diameter.

For more information on their use and benefits, click here:
How To Use Ben Wa Balls

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