Couture Weighted Pleasure Balls
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Premium Weighted Pleasure Balls
Premium Weighted Pleasure Balls Premium Weighted Pleasure Balls Premium Weighted Pleasure Balls Premium Weighted Pleasure Balls

Couture Weighted Pleasure Balls

One of the most luxurious female sex toys, curvaceous and sexy just like the women they're made for. The elongated spherical shape is connected with a loose silicone band. One side of the chunky ball is plastic, the other is silicone coated. The balls are solid but the smooth contrast to the grippy silicone is quite interesting, accentuated by a contrasting cold/warm feeling when you first insert them.

The ergonomic shape has purpose, matching the ribbed interior of your vagina. Wear these all day long without ever being noticed, the silicone retrieval string can tuck away like a tampon string. The vibration is completely silent, activated with your movements.

It's a sassy way to do your Kegels all while enhancing your sexual arousal from the constant movement of the solid balls forever set inside the hollow spheres which rock and roll as you move. Measures 8 inches long, each sphere measures 2 inches long, 1 1/4 inch across.

Review submitted January 6th, 2012
"I'm happy to see a safe version since old styles of these were usually never sealed and can leak water inside which is a gynecological nightmare... not these, completely sealed off and safe much heavier then before so they are a really big step up from the plastic rounded ones."
Female 34, Holly Hill, Florida

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