Large Ben Wa Balls for advanced Kegel exercises.
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Large Ben Wa Orgasm Balls
Large Ben Wa Orgasm Balls - close up Large Ben Wa Orgasm Balls with bag Large Ben Wa Orgasm Balls pinching Large Ben Wa Orgasm Balls holding both

Large Ben Wa Orgasm Balls

Just like a bodybuilder, you can always enhance the strength of your muscles. Enter the large Ben Wa Balls which are 50 percent larger and heavier then the standard size available for sale.

The next step up in pelvic floor exercises, you'll certainly get the stronger orgasms you've been after for so long when you use these balls. At first they may fall out but the same guidelines apply - with time your muscles will adapt and be stronger to hold them in.

Comes in an attractive, discreet mesh bag. The balls measure just slightly under 1 inch in diameter.
For more information on their use and benefits, click here:
How To Use Ben Wa Balls

Review submitted September 2, 2010
- "They really are the next step up in aerobics for your pelvis. Very heavy next to regular balls. A very good buy if you're serious about your Kegels. I didn't even know these existed but now I'm glad I have some of my own"
- Female 29, Yuma, Arizona

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