Light Ben Wa Balls enhance sex for women and men.
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Pleasure Pearls Pleasure Balls
Pleasure Pearls Pleasure Balls in case Pleasure Pearls Pleasure Balls close up Pleasure Pearls Pleasure Balls holding one Pleasure Pearls Pleasure Balls holding both

Pleasure Pearls

Lighter versions of metal Ben Wa Balls. These white pleasure pearls are plastic and made to enhance sex for women and men.

They are very light so it won't offer the same strengthening that the heavier ones do but they are great to wear during sexual intercourse. You have to go slow to avoid any discomfort but the original purpose of Ben Wa balls was to enhance sex for men and women and these lightweight orgasm accessories will accomplish this task. You partner will notice your vagina feels smaller while you'll enjoy the internal massage as they roll around during penetration.

These erotic pearls measure 3/4 of an inch in diameter and are discreetly stored in this luxurious shell case.

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