A stronger wireless bullet vibrator with inlaid crystals.

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Crystal Bullet Vibrator
Crystal Bullet Vibrator - standing Crystal Bullet Vibrator - bottom Crystal Bullet Vibrator - in a palm

Crystal Bullet Vibrator

Bring a piece of royalty into your sex life. Easily the most classy female sex toy for the clitoris with a deep royal purple and inlaid crystals around the entire diameter.

It's one of the strongest wireless bullets as it operates on 1 AAA battery (normally styles such as these take cell or watch batteries and are lacking in power).

It operates differently then any others, make sure to take note if you are going to purchase this one!

1.) Insert the battery and twist the cap closed.
2.) Press the button on the bottom, it will light up and start the lowest setting.
3.) Hold the button to increase the power. The longer you hold it, the stronger it will be.
4.) Release your finger and it will stay on that power level.
5.) When you're done, press it again to turn it off.

A waterproof slimline formation is made for holding over the clitoris but the extra length allows you to lay it in between your labia for a whole tease. You can even insert the tip into the vagina which is a sure fire way to increase your natural lubrication and get ready for sex. Measures 3 3/8 inches long, 5/8 of an inch across.

Price $19.99
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