An ice cube vibrator that won't make a mess.
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Ice Cold Stimulator
Ice Cold Stimulator - all parts Ice Cold Stimulator - sleeve off Ice Cold Stimulator - sleeve on

Ice Stimulator

A real cool idea, no pun intended! A hoof shaped sealed "tray" that fills with water up to the part where the color changes, put in the freezer for a few hours, then insert the stimulator into the hole in the end.

The bullet will make direct contact with the ice cube, press the flattened bumpy bottom on your clitoris for the most unusual chilling effect. As the water melts, it won't leak as this is fully contained.

The ice cube will melt in a concave angle allowing your clitoris to be nestled in a pocket of ice chilling your bones all the way as you enjoy a very interesting erotic feel.

Ice cubes in direct contact with the skin is too harsh, furthermore it makes a real mess as they melt quickly. You'll get a good 20 minutes out of this one before it starts to melt (depending on ambient temperature) so it's easier to get the same feel but less annoying.

Measures 1 3/4 inches across on the base. The bullet vibrator has 3 speeds and uses 3 cell batteries which are included. You can use the vibrator separately, do not freeze the stimulator.

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