Powerful egg clitoral vibrator.

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Space Explorer Egg Vibrator
Space Explorer Egg Vibrator all parts Space Explorer Egg Vibrator close up Space Explorer Egg Vibrator controller Space Explorer Egg Vibrator with sleeve

Space Explorer Egg Vibrator

Egg clitoral vibrator for unparalleled satisfaction. High powered and extra quiet operation for your discretion and your pleasure at the same time. This vibrator is so power packed that it uses a 9 volt battery unlike the standard egg vibrator that uses AA batteries!
If you love extreme pleasure, the Space Explorer Egg Vibrator is for you.

Beautifully chrome colored with a long cord for added versatility, and has a jelly sleeve that is removable. The sleeve has tiny jelly nodes and bumps for added pleasure, or you could take it off and just use the egg by itself.

5x functions means five times the pleasure, multi speed and multi function featuring slow pulsation, medium pulsation, high pulsation and medium vibration and high vibration. One function for every women to ensure your optimal pleasure.

The egg vibrator is wide for easy to maneuvering and easy grip. The 9 volt battery is included so you can start to pleasure yourself immediately! The powerful egg its self measures 2 inches long and 1 inch wide.

Review submitted September 14, 2010

- "This product looks real good, the controller has sleek lines and is very attractive. The sleeve is not thick enough to coat the bullet, the ticklers are too flexible and I hardly even noticed them. The only good thing about the sleeve is that is made the plastic feel warmer when in contact with the skin. Very powerful and not as noisy as I would expect. Far from silent, but still not rattling loud that I would expect from a sex toy that uses a 9 volt battery. I like the various functions for foreplay, it teases instead of giving an orgasm right away."
- Female 27, Hermitage, Tennessee

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