Butterfly clitoral pump for women.

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Butterfly Clitoral Pump
Butterfly Clitoral Pump - all parts Butterfly Clitoral Pump - upside down Butterfly Clitoral Pump - side Butterfly Clitoral Pump - with handle

Butterfly Clitoral Pump

An adorable, discreet design and very classy sex toy for women. More of a vagina pump due to the oval shape that offers sensual vaginal and clitoral suction and quiet yet powerful vibration. Hygienically superior jelly-like material is super succulent and soft to the touch.

Features a noduled clitoral cup for exciting sensations. The cup has extra long, pliable and super soft ticklers for added stimulation and a tingling, teasing feel.

Features a convenient finger grip bulb for superior suction that delivers the greatest clitoral suction, easier then a hand squeeze bulb, the trigger grip is simple to use and perfect for a woman's smaller hands.

The vibrations are tingling, perfect for arousal and discreetly quiet.
This clitoral pump sex toy is perfect for creating natural vaginal lubrication, making your clitoris and vagina lips engorged with blood, it will look full and plump and you will have a heightened sense of sexual arousal. Your vaginal lips will look full and ready for action and will be nice and puffy.

The butterfly design not only looks nice, but it is ergonomically designed to be easy to hold and fit nicely in the cup of your hand.

Clitoral pump has multi speed vibrations that use 2 AA batteries, not included. The cup measures 3 inches long and 1 3/4 inches wide.

Price $26.99
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