Tiny but extremely powerful vibrating mini wand.

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Powerful Wand
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Cutey Wand

This is a perfect example of how looks can be deceiving. We can admit this one was only added for it's looks, resembling the over popular Hitachi wand but one eighth of it's size and wireless.

We thought it would appeal to women and would be all glory, no guts but boy were we wrong! This one has immense power, taking an unprecedented 6 batteries! Most little stimulators use 3 cell batteries but this doses double. It's ridiculously powerful but also quite loud. A wicked rattle accommodates the crazy power.

One of the nicest features is the flexible head that bends at will allowing for a more ergonomic function. The supreme little vibrator for a clitoris will strike it with such force, your special button of magic won't know what's coming! The handle is plastic and the head has a velvet rubber layer over top and is solid. Only the neck can bend.

Detailed with double rows of rhinestones to give even more feminine appeal to this cute little device. Measures 4 inches long, the head is 1 inch wide, uses 6 cell batteries which are included.

Review submitted February 24, 2012
"The power - I don't even know where to start! Tiny but rivals any of the bigger vibrators. All I wish is it were big enough to use in the vagina but it's way too small for that. It has the words "cutey wand" printed in black ink on the side they don't show in the picture."
Female 22

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