A small sex toy with soft kissing lips imitating oral sex.

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Kissing Lips
Kissing Lips - sleeve on Kissing Lips - sleeve off Kissing Lips - inside Kissing Lips - palm

Kissing Lips

A genuine design just for women combining everything that your clitoris loves. Starting with the sleeve, the chapped textured lips (simulating a man's lips because after all, guys don't moisturize like women do!) seperate into a cavity about 3/4 of an inch deep that ends with a thick padded clump of softness directly connected to the vibrator. Powerfully resonating into your clit it's even better then a hummer.

The lips do feel quite real, they're warm and pleasant. Brisk power is variable speed, insert the 3 cell batteries into the end and the dial activates the motor which can make a rattling noise but the power is waiting to be unleashed inside.

Soft like a pillow, never tacky but slippery when wet the Kissing Lips is one of the finest treat for the clitoris, all quality, all pleasure just like a woman secretly wants.

Measures 3 1/4 inches long and 1 1/4 inches across at the widest point. The stimulator takes 3 batteries and 6 are included inside the box.

Price $16.99
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