A quiet and waterproof female sexual stimulator.

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Silicone Triple Arouser
Silicone Triple Arouser - front Silicone Triple Arouser - angle Silicone Triple Arouser - size

Silicone Triple Arouser

A modern and very classy stimulator with whisper quiet vibration and an effective sexual teasing feel you are sure to enjoy.

Quiet and small, it's discreet and easy to hide. The vibrations are light so you probably won't orgasm but you sure will love that pampering feel. Insert it and the vaginal plug teases you, getting you in the mood for sex. The clitoral thumb and perianal thumb adds a sensation that feels like a thick and squishy thumb as it rubs you heightening sexual desire.

This mini silicone female stimulator measures 4 inches long and 1 inch wide at it's thickest point. It's powered by 1 AAA battery (not included) and the vibrator is waterproof for easy cleaning.

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