Softer and smaller version of the popular women's strap on vibrator.
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Wireless Venus Butterfly
Wireless Venus Butterfly - front Wireless Venus Butterfly - back straps Wireless Venus Butterfly - front close up Wireless Venus Butterfly - side close up

Wireless Venus Butterfly

Here is the perfect example that sex toy manufacturers listen to what the consumer wants. Strap on vibrators are known to be too hard, quite often made from rubber and doesn't move very much. Listening to this complaint they've created this version which is a little bit smaller and much softer.

Silicone based jelly-soft purple sparkling butterfly straps to the thighs and around the waist. It adjusts to fit up to a 36 inch waist. There is a long vibrator buried inside the butterfly's body. Insert 1 AAA battery which is sold separately and by pressing the inset button on the bottom, it activates the vibrations which are quite strong for a toy of this type.

The butterfly body fits in between your labia leaving your vagina exposed to enjoy another vibrator or sexual intercourse with your partner. The butterfly measures 4 inches long including the exposed vibrator on the end. The wingspan is 3 1/2 inches across.

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