Tight stroker male sex toy with beads.

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Dual Beaded Stroker
Dual Beaded Stroker Dual Beaded Stroker Dual Beaded Stroker Dual Beaded Stroker

Dual Beaded Stroker

This stroker is made from Senso material, which is similar to jelly with a hint of silicone flexibility. Squishy and comfortable, it's a tight male sex toy that has a ribbed tunnel for more stimulation and an open ended shaft for easy cleaning.

Inside the sleeve are two rows of solid plastic beads that massage your cock from the top and from the bottom, every time you stroke, the beads will roll gently over your penis. They will never come into direct contact with you, but they stay inside the padded jelly so it's a great feel, not an uncomfortable feel.

This translucent masturbator allows you to watch as you thrust in and out of the molded pussy lips, spreading them wide and ready for you. Measures 4 1/2 inches long with 2 1/2 inches wide for a more discreet size.

No Longer Available

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