Erotic passions sensual guide to orgasmic massage.
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Lusty Lovers Sex Positions Book

Erotic Passions

Harness your sexual energy , transform your train of thoughts when it comes to sex. Share a level of intimacy that has never before been thought possible, it's like reaching out to your deepest soul, your inner energy flow and sharing that in an intimate way.

The guide to orgasmic massage is ancient techniques for sharing love and passion including sensual massage tips, bathing tips and oral pleasure advice.

Written by Kenneth Ray Stubbs, a sexual shaman who practices Buddhism and uses this energy to create a web of sexuality around the couple who want to fully embrace passion.

This book is beautifully illustrated and detailed with all the information you'll need to get you and your lover on the path to better intimacy. The author also teaches sexuality courses to couples, for more information visit his

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