Cheap realistic futurotic penis extension.
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Futurotic Penis Extension
Futurotic Penis Extension Futurotic Penis Extension Futurotic Penis Extension

Futurotic Penis Extension

Feel just like silk and features a filled tip that is the most squishy out of all sleeves. It adds an instant 2 inches to your length and about 1 inch to your girth.

Your partner will delight to the life like head and the smooth material. Even though it's very cheap, there is still great quality that adds a silky smooth glide when nicely lubricated while your partner enjoys your new, larger and thicker penis.

Made of a silicone and rubber blend called Futurotic making it very light and stretchy to fit any size penis with the most comfort.

It comes coated in talc power and you will notice the white coating in the bag, this is needed to assure that the sleeve does not dry out. To clean after use, use soap and hot water and be sure to pat dry before storing.

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