Ultimate glass anal plug with large blunt shallow tip.

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Ultimate glass butt plug
Ultimate glass butt plug Ultimate glass butt plug close up top Ultimate glass butt plug close up bottom

Ultimate Glass Anal Plug

We don't want to mislead you with the name of this anal toy, it's actually named after the exact same version made from purple silicone however this one is entirely crafted of glass and it's a step up in size.

It is the "ultimate" simply due to the shape, the firm pressure you'll experience directly in the entry of the anus is a powerful erotic point that really emphasizes every motion of sexual intercourse. Try wearing it during sex and we're so sure you'll be resting right on cloud nine after it's all over.

Completely smooth everywhere, run your finger over the surface and you'll never be met with any friction, very well made and very attractive. The big top measures about 1 1/2 inches wide, the thinner shaft is 1 inch wide and the whole plug including the loop is 5 1/2 inches long. The end curves at a slight angle for ergonomic purposes.

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