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How to use sex toys.

Even though sex is a natural human activity, it still comes with questions on how to get the most out of the experience and more importantly, we wonder what feels best for the opposite sex so we can really impress them in the bedroom. Sex toys come into the picture in a big way since it's a sexual therapist's recommended treatment for a lackluster love life.

Sex toys for women and men.

How to use anal beads.

One of the original sex toys of any kind, these underrated devices have one single purpose that has many guys and gals reeling with bewilderment after the unexpected strong orgasm.

How to use Ben Wa balls.

Another pleasure enhancer of antiquity, made for male satisfaction originally but now we know what effects it has on the female and as a result, they are widely used today for their sexual and physical benefits.

How to use a bullet vibrator.

In our opinion, it's the single most important bedroom accessory for any couple. If used properly, many women swear they don't even need a vibrator as quite often the orgasm from this clit toy is plenty enough.

How to use a butt plug.

It seems self explanatory until you view the anal toys category and see the different shapes, then this question frequently comes to mind. Settle your queries here because we've got it all explained.

How to clean sex toys.

As with any item of personal nature, proper hygiene is very important. Included within are washing tips, drying tips and storage tips which is one of the most essential things to know.

How to use a cock ring.

Regardless if you want the cock ring for pleasure or purpose, they are typically used the same way but within this page are some new tips that can make it a little better for everyone involved.

How to use a dildo.

You would think these come with a tag attached that says "insert into vagina" if that's all you did with it them you'd be missing some fun ways to play and tips for couples since dildos are used together quite often.

How to use male sex toys.

Pocket pussys and masturbation sleeves do have their differences and some other masturbators are built with features that demand a different way of thrusting.

How to use vibrators.

From the magical g-spot to the clitoral vibrators that are an all encompassing pleasure toy for women, certain styles command different techniques. An useful page for men to get some inside tips too.

What sex toys are made of.

After all the educational material above, we can't leave you wondering what are they made of. From widespread materials to those a little more rare, we've covered all the bases so you'll know.

Sex toy reviews.

It's always nice to know an insider's opinion of what a toy feels like. It's difficult to convey softness or silence through a photo so some of our associates have offered up their opinions for the world to read.

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