Better tips and hints on using anal sex beads.
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How to use anal beads.

One of the most simple concepts with the biggest impact on pleasure. Anal beads are not as popular as other types of sex toys, in our opinion. Read on to get to know the magic potential hidden in the back door.

Three types of anal beads.

Perhaps they are not widespread in people's bedroom drawers because of the dirty image associated with anal toys. We can't argue this fact and the squeamish or sensitive are often turned off by the idea. We'd like to suggest you put your preconceived notions aside and give it a try.

Silicone anal beadsIf you want a "cleaner" version, may we suggest jelly or silicone because they are a single strand, without a nylon string that can get dirty. Moreover, these strands are much easier to clean as any impurities can rinse of with hot water and antibacterial hand soap. A disadvantage is you won't get the contrasting feel like you'd have with plastic/nylon combination.

3 steps to use anal beads:

1.) Spread a small amount of lubrication on each bead and around your anus. This is the only way you'll be able to insert them comfortable and remove the risk of tearing the delicate tissue.

Insert 1 bead at a time by firmly using it in with your thumb or finger. It's possible to insert all of them but you'll need to leave the end exposed, other the ring or the last few beads depending on the design you have at hand.

Enjoy sexual intercourse, foreplay or masturbation. When the tension is its height and you feel your orgasm about to happen, grab the ring or exposed end and tug it our right as your pelvic muscles begin to clench at the onset of orgasm. You shouldn't pull too hard but a nice brisk pull will do the trick.

What it feels like.

The feeling of the anal beads exiting the anus at the same time the muscles inside your body are clenching in their rhythm combines to really enhance the entire experience, originating from your entire pelvic area you'll feel the surge rush throughout your whole body and some even say it impacts your mind and soul with a serious rush of pleasure.

The exact speed you pull out depends on what your preferences are. Some like a fast exit, other prefer slower as they like to notice the "bump, bump" of the beads making their way back out.

Vibrating anal beads.

Vibrating anal beads.
We must also mention vibrating anal beads which are becoming very popular. Normally these are a stiff strand and not as flexible. The method of use is still the same as the regular anal beads or you can thrust them to and fro creating an intrusive tingling feel which many people report is great during foreplay and masturbation and is not as practical during sex.

For the traditional purpose of enhancing the orgasm we're a fan of regular anal beads instead of the vibrating versions, any vibrating anal toy is more of an exploratory option but it's interesting to note that we sell more vibrating anal toys then their non-vibrating counterparts.

Go shopping.

You're probably as curious as ever to know what this is like for yourself. We've made it easy, all styles are right here in the anal beads section and ready to ship discreetly every weekday.

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