History and tips on using Ben Wa balls.

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History of Ben Wa balls.

Contrary to what many believe, sex toys are not a new invention. Records show that Ben Wa balls have been in existence for centuries and although not really considered a sex toy, they have sexual benefits which is why they are for sale in adult shops and classified as adult products.

Different Types of Ben Wa Balls

Originally made for male pleasure, a woman would insert a pair of solid heavy metal beads into the vagina so that when the man penetrates the vagina, the balls rub his penis, it makes everything feel "closer" inside and gives the feeling of a tighter vagina.

It's far from being misogynistic because this same effect feels just as good for women. The extra movement inside the vagina during sex is noticeable to some women who rather enjoy this feeling. It's okay to have sex with them inside but we stress that you should take it slow to avoid pressure or pinching, which is unlikely but possible.

Benefits of using Ben Wa balls.

Heavy Ben Wa balls.Another common use is for Kegel exercises, medically referred to as the pubococcygeus (PC) muscles and in childbirth/bladder control terms it's known as pelvic floor muscles. To find the PC muscles, clench the muscles to stop the flow of urine next time you're in the bathroom. These are the muscles that Ben Wa balls target and strengthen.

There are a few perks such as increased bladder control, stronger muscles which aids in easier childbirth and stronger orgasms. This is also the same muscle group that tightens and releases during an orgasm and if these muscles are very strong, the tightening will be more powerful thus resulting in a very powerful and long-lasting orgasm.

Ben Wa balls are heavy and with the help of gravity, they sit at the vaginal entry and the muscles naturally flex to hold them in and prevent them from falling out. The constant flexing of the muscles is what strengthens them, just like weight lifting. After a few months you'll notice they won't fall out anymore on their own and you know you're reaping the benefits of using Ben Wa balls.

How to use Ben Wa balls.

1.) Insert 1 at a time into the vagina by pushing it up with your finger, same as inserting a tampon. If you find that it won't slip in easily, you can put some lubrication on the ball first.

2.) Proceed with your regular daily activities. At first the balls will probably fall out during hard walking movements but over time your muscles will be strong enough to hold them in on their own. We recommend not leaving the house for the first few weeks!

3.) Remove when you're done. You can wear them for a couple of hours or all day. Any amount of time will help with exercises. Methods of removal include jumping up and down to get them to fall out or lifting 1 leg up high and pulling each out with 2 fingers one by one (the preferred method).

4.) Clean with antibacterial hand soap and hot water after each use and before storing.

A common concern.

It's not possible for them to get "lost" inside your vagina. Gravity will always force them downwards and even if you stand on your head, there is no where for them to go to disappear into your body. They will always be able to be removed. When you're a new user, yes they will fall out on you. This is normal and over time they'll stay in.

Duotone pleasure balls.

Even though these are in the same class, their purpose is entirely different. Duotone balls are bigger and connected together on a string. They are hollow in the center and have a tiny heavy ball inside that can move freely as you do.

When your vagina is full, first you'll feel the internal pressure which is very arousing and second the little balls that move around inside the larger ones create a subtle self-vibrating effect. This is completely silent and no one will know you're wearing them so it's very discreet.

The real purpose is for sexual arousal. They are very big so the muscles don't need to flex to hold them in. If your goal is Kegel exercises, then select the smaller versions and leave these big sizes for sexual pleasure and arousal only.

Go shopping.

Begin your feminine exercise routine now, take a peek at the Ben Wa Balls we have for sale. Both styles mentioned above are listed together.

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