How to properly sterilize and clean sex toys.
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How to clean sex toys.

This is an important subject that can easily be overlooked. Proper cleanliness is essential especially with these items of personal nature. It's very easy for bacteria to accumulate on the surface of most sex toys and if inserted into the vagina its possible to get an infection. The same steps apply to any toy for guys or gals.

Cleaning Sex Toys

1.) Rinse it off well with hot water. Avoid the battery compartment as much as possible, especially if the item is not waterproof. Also check the toy for areas where water could get inside such as unsealed seams and avoid getting these spots wet. If required, wipe the surface with a wet cloth if it seems impossible to avoid water leaking inside.

2 a.) Put a good amount of antibacterial hand soap into the palm of your hand and create a lather.
2 b.) Or spray sex toy cleaner all over the surface.

3.) Rub your fingers in a massaging motion over the surface. Don't just skim the surface quickly, be sure to get into any crevasse and between any texture bumps. Lather for about 30 seconds.

4.) Rinse well with hot water and rub any extra soap off with your hand.

5.) Dry thoroughly with a hand towel. You never want to put an item away wet or mold can develop on the surface.

6.) We suggest storing toys in the original plastic carton or box they came in. It's an easy way to prevent toys from touching each other, which can cause discoloration or can cause melting if silicone and jelly touch each other. With that said, you never want to allow your toys to touch make sure to keep them separated!

Sanitary advice.

Sex toy cleanerCertain materials, especially latex and jelly are more porous than others and can harbor bacteria easily. In response to concerns for phthalates in jelly sex toys we suggest putting a condom over the shaft before use, this being the best way to keep it clean and body safe.

Always remove the batteries, if left for extended periods of time it can cause the motor to short out or the batteries may leak.

For male sex toys made from the skin-like material, if you're going to keep it stored for longer then 3 weeks, we suggest applying a thin layer of talcum powder over the surface. This will help in retaining the natural moisture and prevent surface cracks.

Before every use, rinse the items well to remove any dust that has accumulated on the surface.

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