Helpful advice on how to use a dildo.
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How to use a dildo.

Often cheaper than vibrators and always consistent in density and texture, the dildo is a very popular option that can feel really good if you do it right. Another reason for its booming popularity? It's the most quiet sex toy for women, people in the other room will never be suspicious.

Popular Dildos

Wetter is better.

First and foremost, you'll need lubrication. This is the most important tip for any sex toy but dildos command this essential liquid even more due to the shape, the blunt rounded penis head won't slide into your vagina without help and if you try, it can pull on your pubic hairs and cause uncomfortable friction.

We like water based lube because it's easier for the vagina to flush out naturally and there is no risk of reaction with the dildo elements. If you use silicone lube and there is silicone in the dildo, it's going to melt together. This won't happen immediately but it's a slow process that happens over time. The dildo will become deformed so water based lube is the best choice.

Steps to use a dildo.

1.) Run it under warm tap water. This helps to remove any accumulated dust and warms it up so it's not an unpleasant chilly surprise when you insert it.

2.) Put some lubricant around the head of the dildo and around the exterior of your vagina.

3.) Spread your lips open and slide the dildo into the vagina.

4.) Move it in and out slowly until the lubricant spreads all over and you don't feel any friction.

5.) Move it in and out with the same thrusting motion as sexual intercourse. If you angle it slightly towards your belly button and arch your back slightly, there is a good chance it can stimulate the g-spot.

6.) Try rubbing your clitoris with your other hand.

7.) After use, wash very well with liquid antibacterial hand soap and hot water, dry before storing.

Size matters.

One of the greatest features is the available range in size. Some penises are small, imitating a real man's erection and others are so monstrous most women would cringe at the sight. That's the beauty of these versatile sex toys, every woman can get the precise size she wants for whatever sexual fantasy is raging in the mind. Larger realistic dildos sell better than smaller dildos, probably because most men are not that big and larger sizes allow women to experience a new level of sexual pleasure and express a secret fantasy.

Dildos with testicles and suction cups.

Suction cups are an inexpensive addition that adds value for the user. It allows you to stick it to a flat surface. Most of them are concave enough to create a very powerful suction so you can squat on it or stick it to a wall and back yourself into it doggie style.

Normally the dildo will be so long that it cannot be inserted in all the way so you won't notice them anyway, so why are they there? The wide testicles on the base are a useful handle and it adds to the visual appeal. We actually really like the testicles for easier handling.

Dildos for couples.

Not traditionally considered a sex toy for couples however we beg to differ. It's a wonderful option which allows sex to last longer. The man uses the dildo on the woman allowing her enjoy penetrations and to increase her sexual responses. Play with your clitoris while he uses the dildo, bring yourself to orgasm. Now it's time to enjoy sexual intercourse and when the vagina is swelled and sensitive thanks to the recent surging orgasm, the entry of the partner's penis will be more welcome and feel better than ever before.

Go shopping.

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