Sex toy materials.
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What sex toys are made of.

To the casual browser, a sex toy catalog is only pictures of phallic shapes and pretty colors. Your pleasure goes far beyond physical appearance however; what material is used determines the tactile experience which will vary incredibly depending on what's on the inside (and outside!)

Knowing what your vibrator is made from is an important factor in choosing the right item to suit your needs. Since personal tastes vary, many different materials are available in the same format allowing every customer to find exactly what they want.

Four sex toys

Silicone (TPR & TPE)

The most common sex toy material today. This was not always the case however as jelly prevailed in the past but with the movement to a better, more body safe product without phthalates, manufacturers switched their formulas to silicone. Only a few years ago, a product packaging box would label in large colorful print that the toy inside was made from silicone highlighting it as a selling feature. Now so many toys are made of this superior product, it's listed in small print on the side.

The majority of our products are made from some type of silicone. A very versatile compound; it can be jelly-soft and squishy or stiff and firm. It's very important to note that silicone lubricants should never be used with silicone toys; over time the two will blend and causing your toy to "melt".

Silicone is a type of rubber which can be further divided into 3 groups:

1.) Pure silicone.
The price is a general indicator if the product is pure. This is one of the most expensive materials but the most sanitary, one of the only non porous options (glass is the other option), totally hypo allergenic, the easiest to clean and a warm material capable of capturing your body heat and retaining the temperature. It's extremely durable and virtually indestructible. If you have skin sensitivities to certain rubbers, pure silicone should be your only choice.

2.) TPR which is short for Thermoplastic Rubber.
It is a blend between different compounds of silicone rubber resulting in a cheaper version which is still safe and phthalates free but it's not hypo allergenic and is porous so it needs to be properly cleaned.

3.) TPE which is short for Thermoplastic Elastomer.
A common element in commercial use, it's a better hypo allergenic and durable silicone blend making it a perfect compromise for people with sensitive skin and a limited budget. Without phthalates but still porous it will require proper cleaning.


A form of elastomer with rubber and silicone compounds specifically blended to re create the look and feel of human skin. It's a marvel of technology combining a body safe formula with the genuine elasticity and softness of flesh all made to look surprisingly realistic.

Futurotic, UR3 (Ultra Realistic Skin 3) and Cyberskin are three different registered brand names of three different manufacturers and they essentially are the same thing. If you want a toy that looks and feels very life like this should be your only option.

It's body safe and free of phthalates but it requires some maintenance to keep it supple and soft. The material is very porous and has the tendency to dry out so sprinkle some talcum powder over the surface before storing for long periods of time and it will retain the moisture. It's a higher end material but is not very durable and may eventually tear or develop holes. Keeping it properly hydrated with talcum powder will help to extend it's lifespan.

It's very important to note that silicone lubricants should never be used with Futurotic/UR3/Cyberskin toys; over time the silicones will blend and causing your toy to "melt".


A very general term since there are many rubber compounds used in making sex toys. A popular material for dildos as rubber is more stiff allowing the form to maintain it's ideal erect posture. If you see the term "natural rubber" it is latex which comes from plants, most notably the rubber tree, otherwise the rubber is synthetic.

Rubber is very durable and easy to clean you can use any kind of hand soap or lubricant without worry of the material being delicate and melting. It comes in all price ranges and can be phthalates free. Read the product description for the specific detail about the type of rubber. If this information is printed on the product box, we have added it to the description.


For the budget minded person, latex is a very popular choice as it's a cheap materials. Most vibrators made from latex are only coated in latex, these are rarely solid. For example, the vibrator may have a foamy feel when you squish it - there is a latex coating on the exterior with a firmer "memory foam" interior.

Latex feels slippery and very smooth to the touch and sometimes has a smooth velvet-like coating. This form of natural rubber is first tapped from the rubber tree and then processed. It is a very durable material proven by it's popular use in condoms and surgical gloves. It resists tearing but can be weakened by petroleum products. As a result we suggest only using water based lubricants with latex toys. Latex is very porous and needs to be properly cleaned with antibacterial soap or sex toy cleaner.


A very dependable form, you always know what you're getting! Plastic vibrators are capable of resonating powerful vibrations as there is nothing in the way to absorb the waves as they are pushed from the motor and you'll always enjoy an intense slippery glide. A good hypo allergenic option however it's important to note that some plastic may be slightly porous so proper cleaning steps should be taken.


Only ten years ago, jelly was the most popular sex toy type. Today it's quickly fading away having a bad reputation for containing harmful chemicals most notably phthalates. Almost every model has been changed to silicone even though it has the same shape as before. Jelly and silicone can be interchangeable so don't assume that just because a toy looks like jelly that it is. We suggest putting a condom over jelly sex toys. The time is running out for this material but some would ask why do we still carry it? They still sell and most users do use a condom over it.


A very thick Pyrex-like solid glass dildo shape, it's not delicate like a window so don't assume it's not safe in fact it's the safest sex toy ever made; non-porous, hypo allergenic and can be boiled to sterilize. It resists cracking and is extremely durable, possibly lasting forever. There is no friction with your skin and you'll experience a delightful slippery glide possible making glass a highly desired new sex toy for women.

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