How to use male sex toys and pocket pussies.
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How to use male sex toys.

If you want the simplified version of these instructions, here it is: Insert, Thrust, Repeat.
Of course you could probably figure that out yourself and you're probably looking for some tips beyond this basic information so read on below for detailed instructions on how to use male sex toys, pocket pussies and sleeves.

Three male sex toys

1.) Lubricate the opening of the toy and your penis head.

Most men know already how important lubricant is. If you're in the dark about the essential liquid of love, you can use any "water based" lube. Don't cheap out and use Vaseline or cooking oil, these oil based substances will cause the tunnel inside your masturbator to melt itself shut over time. If you're looking for a good inexpensive suggestion this warming lube is perfect. It warms as you stroke making everything that much more realistic.

Once you have your lube, make sure not just to wet the opening of the sleeve, but your penis as well. This will reduce friction and ease the spreading of the liquid in the tunnel and over your shaft.

2.) Use both hands.

Many styles are tighter and the laws of physics can cause it to "pop" off the penis when you retreat backwards. (This rule does not apply for a big pocket pussy however, it only applies to the smaller sleeves).
If you use both hands, you'll get better leverage and it will stay on your penis. Additionally, using both hands will make it tighter allowing it to feel better.

3.) Use it in the shower.

Most styles have an open end and when you ejaculate, the semen usually spurts out of the end no matter how much you try to prevent it. Other you can buy a closed ended masturbator or just use it in the shower. This is also easier for cleanup too.

If you have a full size vagina then try laying it on the edge of your bathtub and then kneeling down to pump it similar to a doggie style position, when you orgasm, you will spill your seed in the bathtub which is a snap to clean up.

4.) Proper cleaning tips.

Every pocket pussy and sleeve is flexible so not only providing comfort but also allowing for easy cleaning. Pull open the opening and let warm water rush through the tube. Then apply antibacterial liquid hand soap and put your finger inside to swoosh it around, then rinse well by letting water flush through the tube then pat it dry.

We like to store toys in the original box or plastic shell it came in, this assures it won't get dusty or full of lint. Next time you want to use, it, juts grab it out of the package and repeat the above steps.

Go shopping.

To make browsing easy, all male sex toys and masturbators are in one category . In true male fashion we've provided a rummage bin that's easy to click-through so you can see everything at once to compare the different choices directly.

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