Best ways to use rabbit and g-spot vibrators.
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How to use vibrators.

The model sex toy for women, something every woman needs and with as many varieties of vibrators as there are personalities making shopping for this pleasure device one of the finer ways to celebrate your femininity.

Four Vibes

Wetter is better.

First and foremost, you'll need lubrication. Except for plastic, the surface of any vibrator will create friction with your skin unless its lubricated. Lubrication also prevents pulled pubic hairs and makes the tip slide into the vagina easily.

We like water based lube because it's easier for the vagina to flush out naturally and there is no risk of reaction with the material. If you use silicone lube and there is silicone in the vibe, it's going to melt together. This won't happen immediately but it's a slow process that happens over time. The vibrator will become deformed so consider using water based lube

How to use a Rabbit Vibrator.

This is the most common question women have about rabbits. There is one big secret tip that makes all the difference: You are not supposed to thrust them in and out. Insert it until the rabbit head (or the tip of whatever animal or shape is acting as the clitoral stimulator) lies on your clitoris. Turn it on and hold it in place. It's a do-all pleasure toy that brings you to orgasm without having to move around.

There are 2 ways to make clitoral contact: First you can lay your clitoris between the rabbit ears which results in more shallow vaginal penetration OR you can rest your clitoris directly on the rabbit head which has deeper penetration and more direct external vibration.

How to use a G-spot Vibrator.

Personal preference prevails, you can rub it up and down, side to side or leave it in place over the g-spot. The secret is locating where to place it. The one big secret is: The g-spot is only about 2 inches up inside the vagina. It's not very deep at all and this is important to know because the most common complaint is women can't find the spot because they're searching too deep.

Our preference? Find the g-spot with the motor off, then turn it on and gently sway the shaft side to side over the g-spot.

Adding more variety.

- Try holding the tip of the vibrator over your clitoris, it's a great way to enjoy arousal and it can double as clitoral toy essentially being two sex toys in one and saving you some money.

- Limit the thrusting. Dildos are best for thrusting, most vibrators have texture, ripples or some sort of physical feature that both makes it look nice and adds more sensation to the surface. Fast thrusting can be annoying to most women so rock it slowly or leave it in place while jiggling it around inside.

Vibrators for couples.

You may be surprised at how many men buy vibrators for their wives/girlfriends. It really is a popular sex toy for couples, a popular part of foreplay as it allows the woman to achieve an orgasm before sexual intercourse. After an orgasm, the vagina is puffy, swelled and sensitive and when the man's erection slips inside, it's a warm, welcoming feeling that is better than ever before.

Go shopping.

We have organized our vibrators for women into 4 convenient categories and now that you have an idea of the pleasure that lies ahead, it's time to start shopping!

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