How To Use A Cock Ring, Cock Rings Guide

A cock ring or penis ring is used to enhance the erect penis, making it harder and prolonging the erection.

Cock rings do not give you an erection, but they maintain your erection by putting pressure on the dorsal vein, the major blood vein on the back of the penis. This keeps blood in the penis. An erection is a penis engorged with blood and many men have difficulty keeping an erection because of blood flow that exits the penis. If you keep the blood in the penis, you have an erection.

Penis rings heighten the sensitivity of sex and masturbation. A cock ring will slightly increase the size of your erection, it is a good temporary penis enlargement device.

Cock rings also prevent premature ejaculation by restricting the flow of fluids in the penis, reducing the likelihood of ejaculating too soon. It won't prevent ejaculation, it will simply delay it for a little while. The exact amount of time varies per person.

Quick release cock rings give powerful ejaculations, at the moment when tension is heightened, if you release the ring, you will practically explode as a release of fluids can once again flow throughout the penis. Your ejaculations will be stronger giving you more pleasure.

How do you use a cock ring?

To put a cock ring on, the penis should not be erect. Most penis rings are designed to fit around the scrotum and the base of the penis shaft together. Pull the penis and the testicles through the cock ring carefully one at a time. The perfectly sized cock ring will stay in place in this position while the penis is about 20% erect, it will not fall off. Some types like Island silicone cock rings are for use around the penis only. To put these on, push it down the base of the shaft before becoming erect. You can use lubricant to ease the ring on and it will allow for easy and comfortable removal.


Sizing is very important because if the cock ring is too small, it could cut off circulation to the penis. If it is too big, it will fall off. To measure the size of cock ring you require, measure the diameter around the base of the shaft of the penis and the scrotum together while erect.

If you feel pain or if the penis turns blue, remove the cock ring immediately. Use lubricant or ice to help you get it off your penis. You can prevent any possible problems by properly measuring your penis size before putting on the cock ring. For the first time user, it is best to use an adjustable penis ring or a quick release ring because these are cut to size.

Tips you should know about cock rings:

The thicker the ring, the more they will stand away from your body, instantly making your penis look more sturdy, a lot stronger and make your whole package appear firm and solid.

Never leave a cock ring on for more then 20 - 30 minutes. You could easily harm your penis by suffocating it if you leave it on for extended periods of time. To remove a non-adjustable penis ring, use lubricant to help slide it off if you are still erect.


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