Penis Pump Information

Penis Pump Information

Penis pumps are commonly used by men who have erectile dysfunction and by men who want penis enhancement. Men who use penis pumps who do not have erectile problems use the pump to attain stronger, more firm erection and to exercise the penile muscles in a process similar to bodybuilding.

There is a common misconception that using penis pumps will make your penis larger. The pumps will not increase the size of your penis, in fact nothing except surgery will add length to your penis. Do not purchase a penis pump and expect it to enlarge your penis in inches because this will not happen and we do not want our customers to be disappointed with the lack of results.

Penis Enhancement

With regular use, a penis pump will exercise the muscles and make them appear more firm and solid. It is the same concept as bodybuilding where it builds up the muscles
and blood vessels, gradually making your penis appear more solid, defined and sturdy. You may notice more definition of the muscles.
Some men report more stamina because their erections are so fiercely firm. We and the manufacturers cannot guarantee these results because every person is different and responds differently to this type of exercise. Be aware that a regular routine is required in order to achieve results.

Erection Assistance

Penis pump are often recommended by doctors when men are prescribed certain types of medication where the side effect is a difficulty obtaining or maintain erections, or in some cases, if a man has difficulty getting an erection because of diabetes. We are not medical professionals and cannot offer medical advice, so if you take pills or have diabetes, we recommend asking your doctor if a penis vacuum pump is right for you.

How it works:

The way the penis vacuum pump works is by creating vacuum suction in the cylinder, that draws blood into the penis, which forces it to become erect. You may notice a slight tingling as it creates suction but it should not be painful.
To prolong the erection, we recommend using a cock ring, it is a tight fitting device that prevents the blood from flowing back and becoming flaccid. The cock ring should never be left on for more then 20 minutes or it may suffocate your penis.

How to Use A Penis Pump:

1.) It is advised to trim the pubic hair around the base of your penis before using he pump to allow for a better air seal. It is also advised to apply a small amount of water-based lubrication to the sleeve on the base of the cylinder, this will prevent any uncomfortable friction and provide a better air seal.

2.) Place the cylinder so it is snugly resting on the base of your penis and pump the air out of the cylinder with the hand pump so that a vacuum is created. If the cylinder has a thumb hole, you must place your finger over the hole in order to enable vacuum suction in the cylinder.
Do this slowly so you do not erupt any blood vessels in your penis. This process should not hurt. If you feel any pain, stop using the penis vacuum pump. The vacuum that you have created draws blood into the penis, forcing it to become erect.

3.) For Erection Difficulty:
Once the penis is fully erect, slide a well lubricated cock ring to the base of the penis to help maintain the erection. The cock ring keeps the blood in the penis and prevents it from losing the erection. You are now ready to have sexual intercourse or masturbate.

- Or

3.) For Penis Enhancement:
Hold the cylinder over your penis with the vacuum still in the cylinder for about 3-4 minutes. Then release the vacuum and remove the cylinder. Once your penis because flaccid, repeat the step again from the beginning to get an erection. Complete the entire routine about 3-5 times a week to get and maintain a more firm and enhanced penis.

Important note:
Do not overuse the penis pump or repeat the process too many times in one day because it is possible to cause tissue damage. You should always stop using the pump if you feel too much discomfort.
It is not necessary to use the cock ring, with the penis enhancement process and it is actually not recommended because a cock ring should never be worn for more then 20 minutes at a time.

Types of Penis Vacuum Pumps

There are a handful of different designs but they all have the same concept behind them. It is up to personal preference if you prefer using a squeeze bulb or trigger grip to create suction. They all work well. Some cylinders have a hole that you plug with your finger and some have a quick release on the bulb. Again, it is up to personal preference which type to use.

Some penile pumps vibrate, this will add stimulation causing arousal. It is not necessary to have vibrations but it is an enjoyable luxury.

Some pumps have a jelly or silicone sleeve and some have a latex sheath. The latex sheaths will accommodate any size as they fold in and cradle your size. They stretch as your penis becomes erect. The jelly sleeves also stretch and will be sucked in around your penis as you pump. Some sleeves have textured bumps, this is purely for stimulation.

We always recommend using lubricant with the use if a penile pump because it makes it more comfortable and reduces any friction or pulled hairs. Use water based lubrication, it is compatible with all sleeves and cylinders.

Most cylinders are sized at a standard 8 - 9 inches high and about 2.25 - 2.5 inches wide.

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