Tight pussy suction masturbator sleeve.

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Masturbator Sleeve
Masturbator Sleeve Masturbator Sleeve Masturbator Sleeve Masturbator Sleeve

Pussy Suction Sleeve

We highly recommend this male masturbator sleeve because of it's simplicity and satisfaction. It creates a powerful sucking sensation as you thrust because the end is closed. As you penetrate, the air gets pulled out of the sleeve creating a light vacuum which you will certainly enjoy, replicating the feel of fellatio but in a compact handy size.

It's extremely squishy and stretchy, the jelly is a very high quality blend called Senso. It's durable and wraps every man of any size like a cozy glove.

The interior of the mold has 4 chambers and a ribbed tunnel which helps to increase the texture creates a soothing suction. Lubricant is required in order to enjoy the full benefits of the masturbator. When relaxed, it measures 4.75 inches long and 1.5 inches wide.

Review submitted September 8, 2010
- "The hole looks really tight but in fact it's loose enough to fit your cock inside. It won't fly off like some other toys. It's also very soft and flexible. This proves you don't need to spend too much money to get a good product."
- Male 28, Chico, California

Price $16.99
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