Cooling personal lubrication for a chilly tingle.
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Cooling Personal Lubrication - 4 oz.

Cooling Personal Lubrication - 4 oz.

A unique formulation contained in this bottle gives a chilled, cooling erotic touch to your sexual encounters. Bursting beads of Vitamin E, great for soft skin and naturally moisturizing.

Climax Bursts Cooling Personal Lubrication covers all the bases with this new and exciting modernized sexual enhancement product featuring bursting beads for every erotic need. Water-based, glycerin-free, Vitamin E enriched lubricant cools on contact for a safe, invigorating feel.

This sexual lubricant is latex compatible, condom compatible, safe to use with sex toys and perfect for masturbation or sexual encounters with your partner. You can also use it with foreplay - dab a little on your finger and enjoy the slippery, cool feeling on your hot spots! Comes in an attractive 4 ounce bottle with a pop-top bottle is easy to use to prevent any spills.

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